Oscar Lambert
Vice President Mexico and Central America, Energy Business
Schneider Electric
View from the Top

A Smarter Transformation

Fri, 12/01/2017 - 10:16

Q: What main energy and automation trends have you observed in Mexican industry and what is Schneider Electric’s contribution?

A: Schneider Electric is seeing an increased integration of solutions that allow manufacturers to execute their sustainability strategies in Mexico. We are helping to transform facilities into smarter factories, having identified a need to develop adequate IT strategies that increase capacity for data processing, storage and communications. Increased connectivity will reduce the need for technicians to perform diagnostics and many problems will be solved remotely. Based on these trends, Schneider Electric is developing end-to-end solutions to help our customers face their challenges successfully.

Q: How can Schneider Electric help companies reach their sustainable practice goals?

A: A company with an annual energy bill in excess of US$1 billion, with several facilities and a large supply-chain footprint, can have a substantial impact on all sustainability features. We offer these companies the opportunity to save up to 30 percent on their electricity bill. Savings go beyond monetary values since they also reduce the environmental impact. Our solutions also limit blackouts, which can severely damage productivity.

We can help customers achieve most of their sustainability goals and make production eco-friendly with specific solutions, such as WAGES metering and solutions for data collection, energy and building management and renewable energy, just to name a few. Building a smart ecosystem of Schneider Electric Sustainability solutions can save companies almost a third on costs, depending on the company.

Q: What would you suggest to companies to increase energy efficiency in their manufacturing processes?

A: Connectivity has significant potential to increase efficiency in manufacturing plants with the Internet of Things. Information collected is analyzed, and the results are used for process optimization to make plants more efficient. Today, all our electrical distribution products include these features and can be used by companies in every manufacturing sector. Manufacturers are investing in sustainability as it is closely linked to energy efficiency. Global trends push energy efficiency forward but to do so companies need to improve their IT strategy and upgrade their data center software.

Q: What new opportunities will Schneider Electric develop as a result of the Energy Reform?

A: The implementation of strategies that would reduce energy costs in the country will lead companies to be more competitive long-term. Allowing competition will generate more options for companies, lowering prices and operational costs. Mexico is in the midst of a transition toward the goal of generating 35 percent of energy through renewable sources by 2024. This initiative will also simplify certifications and improve companies brand image.

We see an interesting scenario ahead. At Schneider Electric, we see opportunities in the oil and gas sector, and the electrical distribution grid. We noted that 35 percent of pipelines are being opened to the private industry, as well as logistics and transportation. Our SCADA system already manages the current national pipeline network and has been recognized for its reliability. As the energy sector increases distribution networks with the use of renewable energies, Schneider Electric sees opportunities to continue advancing towards the transformation of the current grid into a firstclass smart grid.

Deepwater hydrocarbon exploration, drilling and extraction projects opened up investment opportunities. New players in Mexico should look for suppliers with both local and international experience, global best practices as well as excellent project administration. We can assure this with our 70 years of experience in the country and our successful global operations.