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Steep Passenger Increase for Mexico City’s Airport

By Emilio Aristegui | Tue, 08/31/2021 - 17:50

As the aviation industry continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, Mexico City International Airport (AICM) received good news thanks to the 3.5 million passengers that visited the airport in July. These numbers represent a dramatic increase from 2020 but there is still a long way to go for the airport to return to its pre-pandemic numbers.

AICM’s terminal 1 welcomed 1.1 million international arrivals and 3.3 million national arrivals, while terminal 2 received 1.2 million international and 3.4 million domestic passengers, according to a press release from AICM and the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT), which included the airport’s monthly data for July. The departures were also equally divided as terminal 1 hosted 1.2 million international travelers and 3.3 million national passengers. Terminal 2 had 1.2 million international departures and 3.4 million national passengers.

Total operations have also seen a sharp increase compared to 2020, the airport increased 101 percent its national commercial operations and 203 percent international ones. These percentages show a steep and consistent recovery for all operations since April 2021. July helped solidify these numbers as commercial operations continue to recover an important share of the airport’s activities.

Since February 2021, data for the airport’s passengers has increased monthly. That month, 1.6 million people traveled in AICM and this number increased in March to 2.3 million passengers. The growth continued throughout April as the airport received 2.6 million passengers and grew again in May to 3 million passengers. June represented the highest reception of passengers all year so far with 3.1 million until July, as numbers skyrocketed reaching 3.6 million passengers. It will remain to be seen if this trend continues as the summer comes to an end and a third COVID-19 wave hits the country.

The federal government passed a flexible health protocol for air travelers to support the recovery of the sector, as stated by a press release by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE): “Mexico has not adopted restrictions for the air entry of visitors and return of Mexicans from other countries. Personnel from the Ministry of Health are at the entry points to the country to attend to people who present symptoms with coronavirus to take the corresponding measures.” This federal policy has allowed travel to become more flexible for international and national passengers as they do not have to provide a negative COVID-19 test upon entering the country. Mexico is also not asking passengers to quarantine, which has benefitted the country’s tourism.

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