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Talent, Experience Crucial for the Aerospace Industry

By Sofía Hanna | Thu, 07/07/2022 - 10:26

Q: How does Romesa contribute to Mexico and Latin America’s aerospace sectors?

A: Romesa was created to meet industry needs in terms of consultancy. The firm is composed of specialists in different areas, working mainly to create solutions for the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) of aircraft. Romesa strongly believes that Mexico needs specialized people with knowledge to improve maintenance processes in areas ranging from aircraft maintenance to spare parts and components.


Romesa helps companies dedicated to manufacturing and maintenance. If a manufacturer, service provider or engineering firm needs any sort of training, we support that during the process.


Mexico’s aviation authority is trying to recover the US Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Category 1 ranking. Romesa, as a consulting firm, is offering safety and engineering advice to help recover the lost rank. To do that, the Federal Agency of Civil Aviation (AFAC) needs to prove that it is covering all of the FAA’s requisites pertaining to safety.


Q: How does Romesa facilitate the generation of direct contracts within the aerospace industry?

A: Romesa is the direct contact between the final user and the manufacturer. As we are in close contact with manufacturers in Mexico, the communication is effective and end-users can receive a quick response based on their needs. The relationships we have developed with manufacturers gives us the opportunity to be as fast as possible in terms of meeting customer needs. We facilitate decision-making processes, accelerating them so end users can receive fast responses.


Q: How do your other aerospace services make it easier for the sector to reach its full potential?

A: Romesa is built on the experiences of experts. We offer experiences, not a service by itself. It takes time for companies to develop technological knowledge within their workforce. Romesa offers talent that has already been developed, experience and support during decision-making processes. In addition, Romesa helps shorten the process to get certifications.


Q: How does Romesa help companies become greener and to implement increasingly sustainable operations?

A: Romesa’s relationships with manufacturers enable us to offer end users the possibility to extend the life cycle of components and parts, generating potential savings while also benefiting the planet. It is all about our relationship with airlines, end-users and original equipment manufacturers. Aeronautical components are expensive and maintenance can bring savings of between 10 and 14 percent over a part replacement.


Q: How is Romesa expanding its operation to international markets?

A: We have partnerships with companies in Colombia and the US. In 2023, we will continue expanding our services both in Mexico and internationally. The aerospace industry was strongly hit by the pandemic but the sector as a whole is recovering.


Romesa is a consultancy that provides highly specialized services for the aeronautical industry thanks to its members’ technical capacities and participation in workshops and refurbishment supplier courses in Asia, the Middle East, the EU and the Americas.

Sofía Hanna Sofía Hanna Journalist and Industry Analyst