Techops Mexico

Fri, 12/01/2017 - 10:52

After forming the Delta-Grupo Aeroméxico Alliance in 2011, the two companies decided to establish the second-largest aircraft maintenance operation in Latin America. Located next to the Queretaro Aerospace Park and close to the Queretaro Intercontinental Airport (AIQ), TechOps Mexico now services Delta Airlines, Aeroméxico and Aeroméxico Connect planes 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
Delta Airlines and Aeroméxico invested US$55 million each for a total US$110 million to develop TechOps Mexico’s facility inaugurated in 2014. The maintenance, repair and overhaul center has a total area of 100,000m2. Its three hangars can accommodate 12 aircraft simultaneously and 12 continuous production lines. Furthermore, the company expects to keep growing is operations in the coming years and to build a fourth hangar. To ensure sustainable growth, Jess Losada, CEO and COO of TechOps Mexico, has introduced Six Sigma and KBKC practices in an effort to meet productivity and efficiency standards.
The center is in an ideal location to support the state’s aerospace sector and enjoys the advantage of its proximity to UNAQ to help feed its workforce. With approximately 1,700 employees, the facility operated 1.8 million man-hours in 2016, all with standards that maximize employee safety, continuous improvement and innovation. The center has an aggressive training program of over 160,000 hours per year, representing more than 100 hours per employee. This career development program has helped the company achieve a turnover rate under 6 percent.
TechOps Mexico specializes in Boeing 737, 717 and 757, Embraer ERJ-145, E-170, E-190, MD-88 and MD-90. The facility’s size and capabilities would allow for an expansion. Capitalizing on its strengths, the center is targeting airlines that operate Boeing or Embraer aircraft. TechOps Mexico also wants to increase its service portfolio to include the Boeing 787 and CRJ-700 and 900.In 2016, TechOps Mexico delivered 100 A/C investing over 160,000 hours in human capital training. Thanks to this practice, the 2nd large MRO has more than enough room to continue growing.
The center was also design to be environmentally sustainable. According to the Delta-Grupo Aeroméxico Alliance, thanks to ultraviolet water purification for consumption TechOps has saved and recycled approximately 264,700 liters of water per year. The center also has 3,400 solar panels that have let to energy savings of 30 percent each year.