Testing a Local Option

Thu, 12/01/2016 - 10:53

Companies in the Mexican aerospace industry tend to send their equipment to India, China and the US to be tested, which can delay production for up to three weeks. The Electrochemistry Innovation and Technology Development Center (CIDETEQ) wants to provide a local option to the sector. Its goal is to offer the same testing to aerospace companies in Mexico and the southern US with results returned in about 24 hours.

Besides strengthening its individual position as a research center CIDETEQ also wants to foster an environment of innovation through healthy competition and collaboration with other institutions. The center is part of a six-member R&D group that will focus on technology transfer, so discussion and work on the most relevant topics in the industry is encouraged. A research leader in electrochemistry, material science and characterization, water testing and fault analysis, CIDETEQ is expanding its services to support the manufacturing industry. CIDETEQ’s facilities have the necessary equipment to carry out accelerated corrosion and weathering tests, which help clients to determine if certain materials are fit for a specific purpose. The center has the necessary machinery to test almost all components, from tiny screws to large suspension parts but it concentrates mostly on developing coating solutions. Its coatings testing generates resistance to corrosive environments, and involves a comprehensive process encompassing coating formulation and engineering deposition systems for industrial applications.

CIDETEQ is investigating coating developments based on nanostructured materials. Having recently patented coating based on silver nanoparticles, the center is innovating in the decontamination of components, specifically for handrail applications. But these nanostructured projects are in the research phase, unlike its technological developments. The center has developed photovoltaic systems with an electrochemical approach for environmental applications and invested in biofuel applications, investigating biodiesel and bio jet fuel. Its residue exploitation and the speed up of its catalytic processes project is beyond the research phase and clear application goals have been set for the medium to long term. Thanks to a CONACYT initiative, CIDETEQ participates in the biodiesel and the bio jet fuel cluster alongside companies and R&D centers, including CIATEQ.