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Viva Aerobus Thrives; More AIFA, Airspace Issues Arise

By Antonio Gozain | Thu, 10/21/2021 - 15:00

French OEM Airbus is preparing for to launch its Webb Space Telescope (WST), which will be key to obtain deeper insight into the evolution of the universe. In local news, Viva Aerobus continues to recover efficiently from the 2020 crisis and received the “Value Airline of the Year” award. Meanwhile, concerns continue to emerge around Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA) and Mexico City’s airspace in general.


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Webb Space Telescope Ready to Launch

Airbus is preparing for the launch of its WST, which is planned for December 18 aboard an Ariane 5 launcher. The project will incorporate the Near InfraRed Spectrograph (NIRSpec), which thanks to its excellent sensitivity, high resolution, and wide wavelength coverage, will be key to obtain a deeper insight into the evolution of the universe. 

“The Webb telescope will change the way we see the Universe. Our contributions to NIRSpec and MIRI instruments are a testament to Airbus’ expertise and the value we can bring to modern astronomy. We are proud to have played a key part in the future discoveries of the Webb mission,” said Jean-Marc Nasr, Head of Airbus Space Systems, in an official Airbus press release. 

Digitalization Will Boost Aerospace Life Cycles: FEMIA

FEMIA’s Carlos Robles explained in MBN the digitalization disruption and how it will change the aerospace lifecycles. “To survive disruption and thrive in the digital era, everybody needs to become a digital enterprise from beginning to end. Digitalization will impact every element and process of businesses,” he wrote.

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Mexico City’s Airspace Unprepared for the Future

Mexico City’s airspace issues continue to grow, raising major challenges for the country’s aviation industry. The plan to use the old Mexico City International Airport (AICM) and AIFA simultaneously to tackle the city’s airspace traffic might not be sufficient to address the country’s current and future air traffic needs, warned industry experts

AIFA continues raising controversy. In addition to its major land connectivity problems, the new airport will only have the tenth part of the aircraft parking positions that Texcoco’s airport would have had, wrote Ana María Olabuenaga on Milenio.

Viva Aerobus Named “Value Airline of the Year”

Mexican Viva Aerobus continues to celebrate a rampant 2021, as it recovers from the 2020 crisis. This month, the ultra-low-cost airline received the “Value Airline of the Year” award in Boston, Massachusetts.

“Viva Aerobus officially received the award ‘Value Airline of the Year’ at the 47th Annual Air Transport World (ATW) Aviation Industry Awards ceremony, held yesterday at the Revere Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts,” announced the airline. The award is given to “those airlines that, besides having a safe and highly efficient operation that results in affordable fares and sustained growth; also provide added value in their service in terms of innovation and travel experience.”

Czech Companies Stand Out at FAMEX

Expert Contributor Tereza Vitková, from CzechTrade México, wrote in MBN about the participation of the Czech Republic’s companies at FAMEX. “Although the Czech Republic has just about 11 million inhabitants, it belongs to the group of only nine countries in the world that can develop and construct an aircraft within their territory. Furthermore, together with other six countries in the world, we can manufacture an airplane’s engine,” she wrote.

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