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The Week in Aerospace: Plans for Santa Lucia

By Alejandro Salas | Fri, 11/15/2019 - 13:10

Santa Lucia details will be clear soon as the Minister of Communications and the Minister of Defense answer concerns regarding the airport’s navigation model and the specifics of its operation. In other news, Interjet and Viva Aerobus took measures to compensate passengers affected by the federal police’s protests.

Dallas Forth Worth aims to become a greater logistics hub with the construction of a new terminal that will begin in 2020. Meanwhile, South African Airways will perform a restructuring process that might reduce its labor force considerably.

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Santa Lucia on the Spotlight

The Minister of Communications and Transports presented the PBN navigation model, assuring Santa Lucia’s new airport will be able to receive national and international flights.

The Minister of Defense will publish 16 studies about the Santa Lucia Airport after several airlines expressed their concerns about its operation.

Ecological infrastructure will be a priority at the Santa Lucia Airport. The Minister of Defense confirmed it has capability to make Santa Lucia a better place by implementing sustainable features.

Mexican Airlines Take Action

Aeroméxico refuses defeat and remains Emirates’ main obstacle to operate a direct flight from Dubai to Mexico City via Barcelona. The legal procedure the Mexican company started remains unsolved.

Interjet and Viva Aerobus open for claims and compensations for passengers affected by federal officers’ protests at Mexico City International Airport.

Mexicana de Aviación’s employees will not stop until they get their salaries. A Federal judge has now ordered the airline to give its assets to employees.

International Destinations

Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport will be the most connected airport with the construction of its new terminal F in 2020.

Southwest Airlines will maintain its Boeing 737 MAX grounded until March 6th.

EU authorities suspended their investigations on Boeing’s investments on Embraer after pointing out no sufficient information was received.

South African Airways started a restructuring process that is everything but black or white as the company expects to reduce its labor force by almost 20 percent.

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