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The Week in Aerospace: Productive Liaisons

By Alessa Flores | Fri, 01/31/2020 - 13:03

Javier Corral, Governor of Chihuahua, has declared, through the Ministry of Innovation and Economic Development (SIDE), that the State of Arizona will open an Arizona Trade & Investment Office to assist the aerospace industry in trade and investment opportunities on both sides of the border. The Arizona Government clarified that the partnership aims to represent the interests of OEMs and suppliers based in Mexico. An agreement with Guanajuato may not be far behind, as it is the state with the most dynamic economy in the Bajio. The Arizona Trade & Investment Office in Guanajuato will serve as a regional trade office, helping more than 1,200 Arizona aerospace and defense companies to participate in supply chains in the Bajio region.

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  • Collins Aerospace Systems has signed a contract with Lockheed Martin to provide critical subsystems to support the production of NASA's Orion spacecraft fleet for Artemis III to VIII missions. The systems provided by Collins Aerospace, valued at US$320 million, will play an important role in achieving NASA's goal of reaching the moon in 2024 to prepare for missions to Mars.
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