Working Elbow to Elbow with Manufacturers
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Working Elbow to Elbow with Manufacturers

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Ricardo Iñurria - Out Helping
Regional Director Querétaro


Q: How does Out Helping support aerospace companies in Queretaro?

A: Out Helping has over 17 years of experience in HR and operates in many different sectors, including aerospace, automotive, IT and food and beverages. The company started long before Queretaro became an attractive FDI destination for the aerospace industry. Bombardier’s entrance to Queretaro was followed by more aerospace companies. By 2007, we had partnered with these companies and with academic institutions to create a division focused exclusively on the aerospace industry. The presence of HR companies supports existing manufacturers in the state and foreign players looking to establish their operations. We work with most of the major aerospace companies, including Bombardier, Safran, Airbus and Aernnova.

Q: Out Helping has been in Queretaro from the outset of the industry. How does it contribute to shaping the sector?

A: We work closely with the Queretaro Aerospace Cluster, participating on a commission that is addressing human talent availability in the state. Within the cluster, we work hand in hand with manufacturers, which allows us to be fully aware of their requirements. With this knowledge, we can go into the market and find qualified professionals.

Alongside the cluster and UNAQ, we are creating awareness of the sector among younger people who are still three or more years away from choosing their career path. We constantly research which companies are expanding in the state and which new companies are coming. We also pay close attention to other segments of the aerospace industry beyond manufacturing, such as MROs for which we are hiring more individuals.

Q: What differentiates an aerospace candidate from that in another sector?

A: In terms of candidates with previous working experience, we look for those who have held long-term jobs because projects in the aerospace sector often last longer than in other sectors. In these cases, we differentiate between those who can make enduring commitments versus those who want immediate results. The ability to work on long-term projects is something that aerospace companies are looking for and will help employees be successful in the field. In aerospace, English as a second language is highly valuable as well.

Q: How is Queretaro’s aerospace industry evolving and what capabilities are arising in the state?

A: It started by manufacturing electrical harnesses and now produces and assembles increasingly complex aeronautical structures. For the past 10 years we have seen the introduction of many technologies to the state, such as carbon fiber. The sector’s goal has been to one day fully assemble an aircraft in the state that can take off from Queretaro International Airport. The industry is extremely dynamic. The state can attract many more segments, such as avionics, and existing areas have room to continue growing. MRO services with TechOps Mexico is a good example. Companies like ours must remain alert to the changes in the market and the areas that are growing and that will require more personnel.

Q: What advantages does membership in the American Staffing Association provide to Out Helping?

A: We have been a member of the American Staffing Association for several years. Belonging to the association allows foreign companies that are just starting to consider coming to Mexico to identify us as a reliable Mexican HR partner. While they might not know us, these companies might feel more comfortable approaching us and discussing business opportunities due to this alliance.

Q: How can companies attract and retain talent?

A: Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of training, promoting and properly compensating their people to retain them. If there is a lag in one of these three areas, the organization might run into trouble. Even if the compensation is great, employees will leave if they do not feel they are growing professionally.

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