Avocado Exports to Reach New Record With 2021 Super Bowl
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Avocado Exports to Reach New Record With 2021 Super Bowl

Photo by:   Olle Svensson
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Jan Hogewoning By Jan Hogewoning | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Fri, 01/15/2021 - 16:03

The pandemic did not halt Mexican agricultural exports, which reached record highs in the past year in different product categories. Avocado, arguably Mexico’s most emblematic product, is about to reach its peak annual export moment. Last year, MBN reported on the immense operation of exporting enough avocado in time for the Super Bowl. This year, the match is taking place on Feb. 7, and demand for avocado, which is used to make the quintessential guacamole dip for Super Bowl parties, is expected to eclipse 2020 figures.

During 2020, Mexican avocado exports increased by 12 percent in the second half of the year compared to 2019, reaching 551,226 tons of product. Michoacan remains the only state that is USDA certified to export avocado to the US. The state exports 84 percent of its avocados to the country. This year, Agronoticias writes, the pace of exports is expected to grow by 4 percent compared to 2020. In the weeks prior to the Super Bowl, weekly shipments will surpass 1,360, which is equivalent to the departure of a truck every 7s from Michoacan. According to current projections, more than 1 million tons will have been exported by the end of June, which marks the end of the football season. Consumption of avocado in the US has seen an impressive rise, going from 500g per capita in 1997 to 3.5kg in 2020.

Part of what drives the success of avocado exports are the series of US marketing campaigns that have been organized over the last years by the Avocados From Mexico (AFM) branch of Mexico’s Association of Producers and Exporters of Avocados (APEAM). These campaigns involve various communication actions on different television platforms, sales promotions in supermarkets and a solid presence on social networks, all targeted towards the US consumer. This year, Troy Aikman, winner of three championship rings with the Dallas Cowboys, and the well-renowned sports presenter Erin Andrews are the face of the associations marketing campaign.

Due to mobility and gathering restrictions, AFM has launched its first virtual festival, Guacbowl. Fans can take part in virtual sports experiences, win prizes of up to US$1 million and find recipes featuring avocado. The festival is part of the campaign “Make the Big Game Your Bowl Game,” which is being promoted on social media along with the hashtag #GuacFromMexico. APEAM’s digital campaigns have run for five years in a row and during that time the ads have reached the Top 2 among the highest revenue-generating campaigns during the Super Bowl, reports Merkle.

Photo by:   Olle Svensson

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