Is Building an Entrepreneurial Road Worth the Expense?
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Is Building an Entrepreneurial Road Worth the Expense?

Photo by:   Clemens van Lay, Unsplash
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Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 02/23/2022 - 12:54

This week, Mexico hit a surplus in its agro-industrial trade balance for the seventh consecutive year, reported SADER. Meanwhile, a survey by the Universidad Iberoamericana showed the struggle most Mexicans are going through in terms of water availability. 

MBN expert contributor Paz Austin discussed how Mexico is innovating in wine labeling to continue being relevant among customers, while Liz Coraima shared her experience in launching a holistic superfood blend startup.



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Agri-food Trade Balance Reaches a Surplus 

This is the seventh consecutive year in which Mexico’s agricultural and agro-industrial trade balance showed a surplus. At the end of 2021, the country saw the third-largest positive balance in 27 years with US$192 billion dollars. The national products with the highest export value were beer, representing US$5.62 billion, tequila and mezcal US$3.32 billion, and avocado US$3.85 billion. Last year’s agricultural imports totaled US$37.25 billion.



Water Insecurity Affects 74 percent of Mexicans

According to a survey by the Universidad Iberoamericana, 72 percent of Mexicans are concerned about not having enough water to cover their needs. In addition, 74 percent have experienced interruptions in their main water source and 48 percent said that at some point they lacked drinking water in their homes. "The problem of water insecurity in Mexico is everywhere, at all levels. We see it at the municipal level, some very small towns do not provide the service every day," said Graciela Teruel, Researcher and Director, Research Institute for Development with Equity of the Universidad Iberoamericana.


The Challenge of Wine Labeling in Mexico and the World

Paz Austin, Managing Director, Mexican Vitiviniculture Council, discussed the artistic and normative characteristics looked for when selecting wines. “Even though international regulations that promote minimum criteria for labels of alcoholic beverages exist, it is important to mention that Mexican regulation is extremely complete and, from a comparative point of view, one of the strictest in the world,” she said. Labels on alcoholic beverages are an artistic representation of the drink, she explained. “It is part of a cyclical concept that looks to offer the consumer a unique product that includes a cultural and transcendental experience.”


The Beginning of a Journey to Entrepreneurship

Liz Coraima, CEO and Co-Founder, Cora Blends, shared her experience in building her own brand of superfood blends. Cora Blends is a “conscious and holistic brand that helps women to nourish all areas of their lives, starting from the inside out; helping them to recognize their power as women, their confidence, so they can connect to their bodies and fully enjoy their lives,” she said.

Photo by:   Clemens van Lay, Unsplash

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