Tatiana Liceti
Managing Director
Tetra Pak Mexico

Ensuring the Safety of Every Drink

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 16:24

Tetra Pak has positioned itself in Mexico’s fluid milk products segment but Tatiana Liceti, Managing Director of Tetra Pak Mexico, believes the country offers a number of untapped possibilities. “In Mexico, we are focused on the dairy category. Our product portfolio includes offers for solid food such as cheese but we need to focus on growing our presence in new segments and expanding our footprint in those areas where we already are participants.”
Expansion opportunities include juices, nectars and dairy products, particularly milk which is below internationally recommended consumption levels. “When it comes to milk consumption, Mexico’s per capita intake is below what is recommended by the FAO” says Liceti.
While it is known for its processing, Tetra Pak provides an array of services to its customers that incorporate technology and Big Data to improve their productivity. “We have a Conditioning Monitoring service that is constantly measuring the efficiency of our clients’ machines. Data is gathered remotely and can be accessed at any moment by the customer, anywhere in the world. All this with just one click on a computer,” says Liceti. Technology is also implemented to provide remote maintenance services. “We are working with Holo Lenses, which technicians wear to remotely provide repair maintenance services. This makes processes faster.”
By providing services to the entire production chain, Tetra Pak is positioned as a market leader and partner for food producers, a role that helps them comply with one of its core values: the quest for sustainability. “In Mexico, we help producers improve their efficiencies, which goes hand in hand with long-term sustainability,” she says. “Companies and producers seek expert support to help with things that directly impact their cost-efficiency and the environment. For instance, some people are interested in getting support in water management. More than a consulting service we share knowledge.”
Liceti says the company is on the path to complying with its environmental responsibilities, one of the company’s main goals. “Sustainability is not only recycling, it involves so much more. We work on a number of indicators to reduce our environmental footprint.” She says that Tetra Pak’s recycled packages have several uses that range from pens and mousepads to the poles delimiting the ECOBICI stations area. Tetra Pak also holds the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, which ensures that the paper used by the company comes from forests that comply with responsible and sustainable logging.
While expanding to new opportunity areas to consolidate Tetra Pak’s offer, Liceti adds that it has not neglected its core business and is continually looking for new ways to innovate. “The company manages a global strategy but we still need to work on customizing our product offering.” The analysis and development of products that meet consumer trends positions Tetra Pak as a partner for businesses from the planning stage, providing a wide array of alternatives for food producers from a product portfolio of over 8,000 combinations.
In Mexico, regarding consumer trends, Liceti says it is impossible to establish a business strategy that does not consider the busy lifestyle of the millennial generation. “The on-the-go trend in Mexico is the direct result of how life has changed in the country. Mexico is Tetra Pak’s second-largest country for consumption of on-the-go products.”
After more than 65 years in the food industry, Tetra Pak sees itself as a complete partner to its customers and clients. “We are a supplier that is integrated 100 percent into the food production chain, from the early to final stages including distribution,” says Liceti.