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Grupo Bimbo Supports The Development Of Sustainable Agriculture

By María Fernanda Barría | Wed, 03/31/2021 - 12:45

Grupo Bimbo has committed its support to Mexico's agricultural industry through sustainable corn and wheat crops on more than 14,800 hectares, aiming to improve soil development thanks to regenerative agriculture practices, reports Milenio In collaboration with the International Center for Corn and Wheat Improvement (CIMMYT), the company has participated with approximately 940 small producers from 41 municipalities in Sonora, Hidalgo, Jalisco and Sinaloa.

"For Grupo Bimbo, sustainability is part of our business strategy. As a company, we are committed to strengthening and expanding our sustainable initiatives in all operations and socially in all the communities we operate. Especially in the agricultural sector, we are going to keep up the pace of strengthening the conservation of agriculture initiatives that we have already achieved and we are going to establish several alliances to improve Mexico´s  countryside", said Javier González Franco, general director of Grupo Bimbo in a press release.

The project aims to bring the producers closer to sustainable practices and enhance the improvement of technologies. The program has shown extraordinary results with two pilot projects: Bimbo Sustainable Wheat and Bimbo Sustainable Maize. In addition, the company has allied with strategic partners , such as Cargill.

Grupo Bimbo's participation in these two initiatives originates from the need to develop the agricultural sector in Mexico and promote its natural resources' responsibility. The program translates into a reduction in costs, and an increase in their production. Therefore, generating development in the communities to improve the people´s lives. "There has to be economic sustainability to ensure that the producers who implement all these practices have a better standard of living as the end result. What matters is their human development," said José Cacho, secretary of the National Agricultural Council (CNA) to El Financiero.

The company is also developing goat milk, cocoa and a potato project that  aimed to benefit more than 1,300 small producers from different entities in the country and promote its value chain. The company estimates for this year that potato suppliers will achieve the Global Good Agricultural Practices certification, an international certification that helps producers to have better management and control in sustainable production.

With cooperation from state governments, the goat milk program will benefit 350 producers. The objective is to benefit and incorporate small producers into the value chain while improving their infrastructure to achieve higher production quantity and quality.

With these initiatives, Grupo Bimbo affirms its commitment to implementing its Global Sustainable Agriculture Policy, based on three main axes: economic viability, environmental responsibility and respect for workers and communities. "Mexico again takes its responsibility to be the country from which we can feed the rest of the world in a sustainable way," expressed Bram Govaerts, COO of CIMMYT to El Financiero.


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