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IICA to Support Mexico’s Renovation of Agricultural Systems

By José Escobedo | Thu, 09/23/2021 - 18:57

The Federal Government intends to renew 34 agricultural systems related to various food staples in order to stimulate economic reactivation whilst bolstering food security in the country. In other news, Mexico becomes the world’s leading asparagus exporter. US tomato producers are hurting from increased imports from Mexico, and finally, Mexico intends to introduce Chinese investments for its domestic agricultural sector.

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IICA to Support Mexico’s Renovation of Agricultural Systems

With the support of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), the Mexican Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER) will renew 34 agricultural systems throughout the country. The construction of a new institutional framework will affect important food staples including coffee, rice, corn and beans with the goal of promoting economic reactivation and bolstering food security in the country.

Mexico Becomes the Leading Global Exporter of Asparagus

In 2020 Mexico exported more than 173 thousand tons of fresh asparagus, whilst increasing their total production by 10.4 percent from 2019 reported the Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development. While only being the third largest global producer, the country exported 99.9 percent of its production to the US, Spain and Japan.



US Producers Hurting from Mexico’s Tomato Imports

US American tomato growers are steadily losing market shares as Mexico increases its tomato exports across the world. If the US were to increase its imports from Mexico by 50 percent in the coming years, US American growers stand to lose US$252 million per year or 27 percent of their revenue according to research by the University of Florida.

Mexico Intends to Introduce Chinese Investment in its Agricultural Sector

The continued and intensifying strain in US-Chinese relations presents Mexico with the opportunity to “strengthen bonds of friendship” with the Asian nation says Mexico’s newly appointed Chinese ambassador, Jesus Seade. As part of a bigger investment strategy, Mexico intends to draw Chinese agricultural investments by showcasing their geopolitical proximity to the US.

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