Gerardo Díaz
Director General
Fábrica De Chocolates Y Dulces Costanzo

Maintaining Chocolate Traditions

Sun, 04/01/2018 - 16:43

After 87 years in the market, Chocolates Costanzo is a tradition in San Luis Potosi, its home base. “When people talk about the traditions of San Luis Potosi, they think about two things, the famous enchiladas and Chocolates Costanzo,” says Gerardo Díaz, Director General of Fábrica de Chocolates y Dulces Costanzo.
Gerardo Díaz recognizes that being a well-known brand poses a number of advantages, also some challenges. “People in San Luis know the brand. They associate Chocolates Costanzo with childhood memories, so our main challenge is to give continuity to these memories by providing the same product quality, while also remaining cost competitive.”
Maintaining cost competitiveness has proven to be a major challenge, particularly considering the fluctuations of the Mexican currency in the last two years. “Due to the exchange rate, walnut producers opted to export all their production rather than sell it locally, which considerably increased prices,” says Díaz. Cocoa supply has also led to higher costs. “Cocoa was a Mexican gift to the world but today we only contribute less than 2 percent of the entire world’s cocoa production. Imports of cocoa are required to supply the needs of the Mexican market.”
To avoid disappointing loyal customers, Díaz says the company is now focusing on a business plan that combines production automation and diversification. Automation will allow it to remain cost-competitive while using the same inputs that have helped to conquer its loyal clientele while diversification will help the company reach other parts of the country.