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Mexican Farmers Advance Toward a Stronger Future

By Sofía Hanna | Thu, 09/09/2021 - 17:56

This week in Agribusiness & Food, Mexico participated in FAO’s ninth assembly for the Global Soil Partnership, where information and knowledge based on scientific evidence were promoted. Production for Welfare registered an advance of 94 percent at the end of August. Finally, the Mexican government established a new and inclusive development model to rescue the countryside and farmers toward greater production and ensured self-sufficiency.


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  • Mexico participated in the ninth Assembly of the FAO Global Soil Partnership. The goal of the forum was to unite sustained efforts to improve the health of soils and contribute to boosting food production, food security and improving rural livelihood through the creation of new jobs and better incomes. During his participation in the virtual opening session, Villalobos Arámbula pointed out that the information we have from the World Soil Alliance should support and sustain decision-making, thus strengthening governance for proper soil management. He underlined the importance of maintaining a systemic approach to agribusiness without deteriorating soils and working toward meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 



  • Production for Welfare registered an advance of 94 percent in the government aid deliveries at the end of August. Of the total supported producers, 60.4 percent are located in the south-southeast, 82.9 percent are small-scale and 17.1 are medium-scale. Approximately 33.2 percent of farmers are women and 57 percent belong to indigenous communities. Corn is the main crop supported by this federal program, with 1,373,876 beneficiaries dedicated to this grain, which represents 63.4 percent of the total as of August. The program works toward the administration’s food self-sufficiency goal, also focused on rescuing the countryside. 



  • Minister Villalobos participated in María Eugenia Campos Galván’s swear-in as governor of Chihuahua in representation of President López Obrador. The Mexican government has a clear goal of establishing a new and inclusive development model that rescues the countryside and farmers, revaluating their position as key to food self-sufficiency. Chihuahua contributes 6.3 percent of the national agricultural production and 5.7 percent of livestock and is in fifth place regarding agricultural production value, with constant growth for more than a decade. 



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