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Mexico’s Agribusiness Sector Expands its Reach

By Sofía Hanna | Thu, 07/08/2021 - 15:02

This week, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the National Agricultural Council urged local agribusiness companies to participate in an international event to be held in Japan. Meanwhile, Volkswagen Mexico announced sustainability initiatives in Puebla, alongside local authorities.


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  • Mexico is failing to comply with the obligations stated in the USMCA regarding the ocean and fishing section. The treaty urges Mexico to protect endangered species, including the vaquita porpoise and marine turtles. Failure to do so has led to trade sanctions, including losing a shrimp export certification to the US. These sanctions are causing economic losses and impacting families that depend on fishing activities. Moreover, they are also putting endangered marine animals at risk. “In order to take full advantage of the economic benefits of this treaty, a traceability standard is urgently needed to provide information on the value chain that fishing products go through,” said Mariana Aziz, Director of Transparency Campaigns for Oceana in Mexico. 


  • Government entities have joined forces with Volkswagen Mexico to achieve sustainability and conserve biodiversity for rainforests in Hueytamalco, Puebla. The agreement will help to develop a scientific research project on wild vegetation and develop a tree planting plan for the region. The agreement will have five-years to evaluate the potential of using secondary vegetation to enrich wild vegetation and contribute to a sustainable strategy that functions as a carbon capture method to reduce carbon dioxide levels in the environment. The development of the plantation will be constantly evaluated during the agreement period and Volkswagen Mexico will implement an environmental education training program for students and growers.



  • Mexico is cooperating with France in order to provide a wide range of export opportunities to small-scale producers. The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Víctor Villalobos Arámbula, pointed out that this agreement will bring opportunities for Mexico’s small-scale producers and enable them to engage in more relevant commercial practices. Moreover, the agreement contemplates a training scheme in which seven Mexican students received a scholarship from the French government.



  • Producers, agribusiness producers and federal and state authorities highlighted the importance of the agriculture sector and called local producers to participate in Foodex Japan 2022, an international event for food and beverage manufacturers that will be held in May 2020 in Tokyo. Mexican authorities stated that the event represents a great opportunity to diversify markets. Mexico’s government of Mexico plans to strengthen its export to Japan and East Asia. The call for participants to this event is part of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the National Agricultural Council’s (CNA) actions to benefit Mexican productive chains, said Villalobos Arámbula. 


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