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Millions Suffer from Chronic Hunger: FAO

By Emilio Aristegui | Fri, 07/22/2022 - 09:00

Millions around the world who depend on markets for food security have suffered from its catastrophic disruptions, but numerous measures are being deployed to aid global food security. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) continues to lead efforts to resolve chronic hunger around the world, but warns of a perturbing outlook for millions.

Ready? This is the week in agribusiness and food:

FAO Expresses Major Concerns for Millions

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 150 million more people are suffering from chronic hunger and the armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia could further complicate the global outlook. FAO’s 2022 edition of the "State of Agricultural Commodity Markets (SOCO)" study explains that structural changes in global agri-food markets are leading to higher trade costs, which limits the ability of low-income countries to grow and develop.

"It is essential for countries to stop using trade measures that contribute to higher prices, extreme price volatility and harm those who depend on world markets for their food security," said QU Dongyu, Director General, FAO.

Cricket-based Food Reduces Carbon Footprint

Research from George Washington University has also shown that 10 out of 11 products from popular fast-food outlets contain harmful chemicals. The study found phthalates, which are known to harm and disrupt the endocrine system. Crick Super Foods aims to address this problem through a product that has a total of five ingredients, said Francisca Castellanos, CEO & Founder, Crick Super Foods. These products are increasingly attractive as customers become more conscious about their product consumption, she added.

“To avoid a 2° C rise in global temperature, we need to decrease our carbon footprint from 16 tons to 2 tons by 2050. If you make small changes in your daily activities, such as choosing different food protein alternatives that have high nutritional benefits and low environmental impact, such as insects, you are making a real change,” explained Castellanos. Crickets-based foods represent a good solution to reduce a carbon footprint because they are nutritious and environmentally friendly, said Castellanos.

Avoiding Food Waste Brings Benefits

Chilean eco-friendly company amiPASS expanded to Monterrey. The company creates apps for businesses and consumers to avoid food waste. Patricio Dueñas, Founder and CEO, amiPass, explained that the company helps businesses manage its supplies, while helping to avoid selling at lower prices and wasting food.

“Mexico is the most important Hispanic market because it has the largest potential for development. All companies in Latin America have Mexico in their scope. In Mexico, we aim to build our business network to offer our value proposition to consumers. We help consumers to realize that they are just a click away from making something positive for the planet,” said Dueñas.

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