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A New Type of Mexican Lemon Hits the Market

By Sofía Hanna | Thu, 04/08/2021 - 16:24

The National Institute of Forestry, Agricultural and Livestock Research announced that a new type of Mexican lemon was developed. The benefits of said product include its high performance, a great ability to adapt to the climates and conditions of Colima and Michoacan, and overall characteristics. The lemon was developed was by selecting citrus plants that had a great variety of attributes that would be beneficial so that it blooms several times a year, in greater intensity. “The new variety is the result of two cycles of selection carried out on a natural variant that did not develop thorns, through natural crosses that take into account the selections in commercial Mexican lemon plantations in Colima,” said SADER, according to Agronoticias.


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  • In a recent virtual meeting between Víctor Villalobos, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, and Lina Pohl, FAO Representative in Mexico, efficiency and social inclusion in the agriculture sector were discussed. “The willingness to work with a group of national and international agencies is of great value in meeting the challenges and achieving better results in the agribusiness sector. Despite the pandemic, the sector has demonstrated its importance in the food supply,” Villalobos said. Villalobos and Pohl noted that they are working on the design of a public policy document to promote the country’s agro-industrial sector.


  • The pandemic has cost the Mexican retail and restaurant sector 16,000 jobs and over 2,000 franchises. The repercussions from the pandemic are greater than it seems as closed franchises include providers of beverages, food, retail, clothing, accessories, health and beauty products. Nevertheless, hopes for 2021 are high as interest in clothing, footwear, health, beauty, personal care and fast-food consumption, among other areas, is increasing. Digitalization remains an ongoing challenge for all franchises and for people in the retail sector as the entire network has to be renovated to participate in an online market.


  • Efforts are being made to prevent fresh potato imports due to pest alert that could put the Mexican countryside at high risk. Of the 83 pests identified by the government as absent in our territory, 43 are present in the US and 28 of them are of a high-risk level. Potato producers mention that they are not against importing potatoes but that there is a risk of contamination and plague that worries them.


  • The World Economic Outlook (WEO) stated that the rise in the prices of food and raw materials, combined with the loss of income due to the pandemic, will have serious consequences as hunger-related deaths will increase. “Without intervention measures, the fall in income in 2020 and the increase in food prices will lead to 62 million people suffering from hunger in the world, which represents a 4 million people increase.”
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