NotCo to Double Domestic Sales
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NotCo to Double Domestic Sales

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Eliza Galeana By Eliza Galeana | Junior Journalist & Industry Analyst - Tue, 07/25/2023 - 09:39

NotCo aims to double its domestic sales by increasing its product catalog in Mexico. This way, the company expects to take advantage of the growing market for vegan products. In 2023, the company will begin local production of chicken-flavored plant-based products in Monterrey. 

Federico Hirtz, Director General, NotCo Mexico, pointed out that the company aims to expand its partnerships with key clients, while integrating new Mexican talent, which they consider to be one of the keys to their success.

Hirtz highlighted that Mexico is currently NotCo’s fastest-growing market worldwide, operating only in retail and in various strategic points of food service such as Sonora Grill, Starbucks, hotels, among others. “As soon as we began distributing our products, the market's response was incredible and that encouraged us to go for more," he stated.

Mexico is the market with the greatest potential for the company, according to Hirtz, due to the growing popularity of plant-based products. The director emphasized that at NotCo they are interested in providing value to all consumers, from vegans and vegetarians to those who do not strictly follow a plant-based diet but are willing to reduce their consumption of animal-derived products for various reasons, including sustainability and health, among others.

In 2022, NotCo signed a contract with Grupo Alsea, which owns various restaurant chains, as well as Starbucks and Burger King. For 2023, their major goal is to focus on chicken flavor products, supported by production of its "NotChicken" line in Monterrey. The company has already launched nuggets and is planning to introduce a chicken breast or breaded cutlet. Additionally, it wants to increase its product catalog in Mexico, considering the possibility of introducing ice cream products.

“We started with a very limited portfolio, then gradually expanded it mostly through imports. However, the commitment we have in this country is so significant that last year we decided to invest and develop our products locally to incorporate the Mexican flavor,” said Hirtz.

Photo by:   Envato Elements

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