100-Year Legacy Underpins Uniform Provider Lavartex
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100-Year Legacy Underpins Uniform Provider Lavartex

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José Luis Jacques - Lavartex


Q: How is Lavartex’s leasing solution adding value to the industrial sector?

A: We offer an integral solution that solves all issues and addresses all requirements related to uniform and uniform specifications. Besides delivering high-quality uniforms, we also provide garment maintenance on a leasing scheme. When the uniform is at the end of its life cycle, we provide a new one. All our pieces are custom-made because they are for a specific person in a specific department of a specific company. Our uniforms comply with each company’s safety program, including smart textiles specially fitted for a coating cabin or manufacturing line. The technical level of our garments allow our customers to focus on their productivity.

Q: What allowed Lavartex to be recognized as one of the “Best Mexican Companies” by Tecnológico de Monterrey?

A: This recognition evaluates different areas in a company, including financial, operations, sales and corporate social responsibility. We are proud of our corporate social responsibility strategies and health and safety programs, as Lavartex is a safe place to work. We are a fully green company and we help other companies be sustainable by preventing their uniforms from going to waste and supporting reuse, among other initiatives. We are promoting a circular economy and stressing the importance of environmental protection.

The automotive industry is heading toward electrification to reduce its carbon footprint because the entire sector is committed to new sustainable models to tackle climate change. To do so, the industry needs trustworthy partners. In 2022, we will celebrate 100 years as a trustworthy partner to the industrial sector.

Q: What role does Lavartex play in the automotive industry?

A: The automotive sector has difficult entry requirements but Lavartex is now working with OEMs and Tier 1 production plants. We have been really successful in the sector. We work with Audi and Volkswagen in Puebla and numerous auto parts suppliers and dealerships. We are taking bold steps to continue growing.

Q: How has Lavartex innovated both in textile materials and operations processes?

A: We do not purchase fabrics; we work with textile manufacturers and focus strongly on R&D to obtain the best-performing fabrics. Some of our textiles are now smart textiles or have specific requirements; for instance, they need to be fluid-repellent or even blood-proof in the case of customers from the healthcare industry.

Lavartex uses different dry and wet washing processes, depending on the fabric. We guarantee that our products are sterile, especially those used in the health sector. Often our customers require that the uniforms are free from any anomalous particles, such as micro components, so that there is no contamination of manufacturing spaces.

Digitalization is also an essential part of process innovation. In some cases, workers need to change several times a day for different processes so we incorporate technology to manage stock and inventory efficiently. Digitalizing processes is essential to collect enough information to ensure traceability so our customers can improve their operations. It would be impossible to manage thousands of users without solid technological integration.

Q: In the context of the pandemic where health measures are essential, how has Lavartex adapted its health sector expertise to other industries?

A: Thanks to our work in the health sector, we already had protocols in place to prevent contagions. We transferred those protocols to other sectors and migrated the know-how to all our divisions at all our locations. Managing the risks of COVID-19 was a natural step in the life of the company.

Q: How will Lavartex celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2022?

A: We are in a recovery period. COVID-19 hit hard but we have returned to pre-pandemic levels. We are now focusing on our operational footprint and opening new distribution centers because we plan to have a total of 13 plants and 16 distribution centers in the country. We are consolidating our participation in the country and we will expand our operations to the three states we are missing: Baja California, Baja California Sur and Sonora.

Our oldest customer has been working with us for 75 years. Our 100th celebration will include our shareholders, advisers, media partners and everyone involved in our history

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