ACBO’s Summit to Facilitate Over MX$1 Billion in Purchases
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ACBO’s Summit to Facilitate Over MX$1 Billion in Purchases

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Antonio Gozain By Antonio Gozain | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 02/03/2022 - 15:48

More than 50 companies are preparing over 310 purchases worth up to MX$1 billion (US$49 million) for the “Por más Hecho en México” business meeting, organized by the Center-Bajio-West Alliance (ACBO) to boost the local supply chain, reported El Economista.

The event will link companies based in Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Jalisco, San Luis Potosi and Queretaro with large North American buyers. ACBO aims to strengthen the local automotive and agricultural industries, which altogether represent 17.6 percent of the region’s GDP, said Manuel Alejandro González Martínez, Aguascalientes’ Minister of Economic Development. Also, both industries generate annual exports over US$50 million and employ about 600,000 people, he said.

During the first edition of “Por más Hecho en México,” 1,197 business links were made, with a total value of MX$640 million (US$32 million). For this year’s event there will be more than 1,500 companies offering over 8,800 products and services, with a projected business estimate of US$49 million, according to Queretaro’s Ministry of Sustainable Development (SEDESU). Among the purchase requirements there are requests for machining, stamping processes, plastic injection, casting, painting, packaging and MRO services.

The business meeting will be carried out with no cost for participants through the digital platform MAS México, which allows users to arrange virtual appointments. Feb. 14, 2022 is the deadline to register on ACBO’s official website.

The region has a well-developed automotive supply chain, headed by nine OEM plants and over 960 Tier 1s and 2s, according to Directorio Automotriz. “During 1H2021, 755,789 cars have been assembled in the nine plants in the region. This means virtually 50 percent of all the cars produced in the country,” said González.

Purchasing firms attending to “Por más Hecho en México” include Kia and Nissan, tractor trucks John Deere and Dana de México, in addition to Condumex, Mabe, Avery Dennison, Shape, Eaton, Toro Company, Siemens, Kenworth, Toyotetsu, Ashimori, Beckon, Flexitech Automotive and Arisano, among others.

These business meetings aim to boost MSMEs growth in the region, said Marco Antonio Del Prete Tercero, Minister, SEDESU. In Queretaro, MSMEs represent 99 percent of the economic units and generates 50 percent of the total jobs, being an important source of income for the state, he added.

The Bajio, a region in central Mexico renowned for its safety, quality of life and attractiveness for companies, has been one of Mexico’s vital extraction and manufacturing axes since the 16th century. Between 2013 and 2018, the Bajio had a 4.4 percent growth rate in GDP, against the 2.4 percent Mexico had as a whole, as reported by MBN.

Photo by:   Unsplash

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