Óscar Ruiz
Director of Digital Transformation
AXA Seguros

In an Accident? There's an App for That

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 12:40

Besides the police, the first person you call in an accident will likely be your insurance representative. Now, there’s an app for that. Axa Seguros launched the My AXA mobile platform in January 2016 to boost its connection to customers. “The idea behind My AXA is to have a customer’s information in one place, so they can contact us easily in the event of an incident,” says Óscar Ruiz, Director of Digital Transformation at AXA Seguros.

My AXA has been downloaded 40,000 times as of August 2016, a result so encouraging, the company set a goal of 100,000 downloads by the end of the year. The platform features more than 50 services, integrating vehicle insurance with all the products a customer might manage through AXA. In the event of an incident, customers simply report it through the app and their vehicle, medical, life or any other insurance policies are automatically coordinated. According to Ruiz, the app is updated every month to integrate new services and to offer a better service to all users. “Among its main features, customers can track the claims adjuster on the way to their incident and evaluate their service accordingly.”

AXA Seguros developed this solution in-house and it has been an excellent tool for attracting a younger clientele, Ruiz says. As sales and service paradigms change, a digital approach is key to maintaining good customer relations. “We have adapted the platform according to customer comments and we always validate any updates with our customers,” says Ruiz. “The ratio of digital to telephone reporting is still low but customers are gradually getting used to this new idea.” The digital tool is not intended to eliminate the human factor from AXA’s services. Customers can contact a company representative directly from the app, without unlocking the phone. “Our goal is to open an additional channel of communication so users can choose the one they prefer,” Ruiz adds.

According to INEGI, there were 14,319 road accidents in Mexico City alone in 2014, which is why the capital is AXA’s main market for the new app. The platform also is available throughout the country and Ruiz says the reception in other major metropolitan areas like Monterrey, Puebla and Guadalajara has been great. He adds that the platform has doubled its market penetration each month since release and has been an excellent tool for supporting AXA’s sales force.

The company’s final goal for My AXA is to develop a platform that can attract more users, while diversifying its solutions for its existing customer base. “Since the app is not only for vehicle insurance, our clients in other segments can learn about and hopefully contract more of AXA’s solutions,” says Ruiz. “Furthermore, we want My AXA to become a go-to platform for all maintenance and repair services, even when they are not related to a road accident.” As the market evolves, My AXA will allow the company to stay on top of digital consumer trends.