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Adding Value While Protecting the Environment

By Antonio Gozain | Tue, 08/02/2022 - 09:30

Q: How do your Engine Management and Fuel Injection programs help differentiate the company from other distributors?

A: We have many years of experience. While my background in electrical fuel injection dates back to 1987, we decided to create GreenTune in 2009 to expand the ASNU’s program for environmental protection to Mexico. Our goal has always been to help the consumer care for their vehicle while also helping the environment. Our equipment is designed to keep the vehicle operating as it was engineered, which benefits the environment. The Engine Management program offers a series of aftermarket and engine management products, while the Fuel Injection program focuses on diagnostics for gasoline fuel injectors and cleaning equipment.

Q: What role do your products play in improving vehicle performance and why should clients choose you as their preferred supplier for spare parts?

A: We offer the best customer service in the industry. Our equipment is designed and used in professional shops to return cars to their optimal working condition, which reduces emissions and contributes to environmental sustainability. In Mexico, we work with importing wholesalers that distribute our products to their respective markets. 

Q: With ongoing logistics problems across the world, how is GreenTune working to secure supplies and meet its clients’ needs?

A: We foresaw this problem and heavily invested in a two yearinventory, allowing us to to provide a 90% line file within 10 days of ordering. While we had a few problems with the supply chain, we were able to maintain our shipping levels.

Q: How have the slump in new vehicle sales and the growth in used vehicle sales impacted the aftermarket?

A: Second-hand vehicles are out-selling new vehicles. Used vehicles always need replacement components, including switches, sensors, relays or tire pressure monitoring systems. There is a great deal of demand for aftermarket parts to repair these vehicles. We expect auto parts demand to continue growth in the coming years.  New cars are not forecasted to return to pre-pandemic levels until the end of 2023 when the world’s chip supply hopefully stabilizes.

Q: What are the main trends impacting GreenTune’s engine management and fuel injection programs?

A: Electric vehicles will also need replacement components so it is just a matter of being able to adapt and learn the differences of that system. We just need to know which components are most likely to fail and whether we are allowed to sell these aftermarket products. Tesla, for example, protects some of its parts with a code so it is not possible to use aftermarket replacements in those vehicles; all parts have to be OE Tesla.

We will hopefully be able to meet the demand. Everything breaks and eventually needs replacement. As more electric vehicles enter the market, we will adapt to meet that demand.

Q: What are your main expectations for 2022 and how did the company perform during 2021?

A: Trading Companies want to import more products from Mexico and sell them to countries around the world to reduce their reliance on Asia, as there is a significant disadvantage of importing products from that region. We are on a mission to incorporate more products manufactured in Mexico into our Fuel Injection and Engine Management programs.

In the first half of the year, our sales were very good compared to the past two years. For 2022, we expect our sales to return to normal. As an exporting company, it was difficult to maintain a regular level of sales during the past two years.


GreenTune Automotive Products is a leading wholesale and export distribution company specialized in automotive replacement parts, fuel injector diagnostics and ultrasonic cleaning. The company manufactures custom-made fuel injector repair kits designed for the automotive, light truck, motorcycle and marine aftermarket.

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