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Gabriel Aparicio - Kelly Services México
Director General


Fri, 09/01/2017 - 13:56

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Q: How have you conveyed the advantages of outsourcing to your automotive clients?

A: The Mexican market is still developing and the arrival of multinational companies has made outsourcing a more common solution in the industry. This is an opportunity for us to compete with the countless companies in the human talent sector. What makes Kelly Services stand out is its own workforce and experience in diverse operations.

Although one of our strengths has been staffing operations, our business model has evolved to offer the best solution to the client. We identify the ideal profile the company is looking for, design the best attraction strategies for this particular profile and then manage the hiring process. Our people must be well-acquainted with the client’s work culture and policies since we also offer induction and training for all new employees. We normally manage contracts lasting two to three years but we highlight Kelly Services’ low turnover thanks to our focus on service, continuous improvement and client-oriented operations.

Q: How important is Mexico for Kelly Services, particularly in the automotive industry?

A: Kelly Services was born out of many companies’ need for large quantities of workers for short periods of time. The company has evolved and is now celebrating its 70th anniversary. With operations in more than 37 countries, 560,000 employees and approximately US$5.6 billion in sales generated, the company has become an icon in human capital outsourcing services, particularly in the automotive industry, which now represents 27-34 percent of our Mexican business. Our operations in Mexico are spread across 13 branches, although our focus is mostly toward on-site solutions. We know it is best to work in clients’ facilities to create build-to-suit solutions. We have more than 225 clients in Mexico, supported by 500 full-time  employees and 12,000 temporary workers who form part of our “staffing” program. This allowed us to hire more than 30,000 people for our clients by the end of 2016.

Q: What are automotive companies demanding from potential employees and how is Kelly Services addressing those needs?

A: Automotive companies demand basic operating profiles, professional technicians, as well as middle and upper-management candidates. We have just started a consulting process with a German wheel rims company entering the Mexican market. The client wanted to identify the best location to establish its new operations based on its partners’ location and specific advantages the region could offer. The company analyzed the entire country and the human capital and logistics opportunities indicated that Nuevo Leon and San Luis Potosi were the most viable states in which to build their new facility. Once the company had narrowed its options to these two regions, we performed an in-depth analysis of the characteristics of the human capital in each state. We focused on skills, quality of recent graduates and the company’s attraction capabilities according to compensation and the benefits it could offer.

Q: How much geographic mobility exists in Mexico and how can Kelly Services address this issue?

A: Geographic mobility is a hot topic and people wanting to participate in the automotive sector know they must go where the industry is. Demand for talent is there but the reality is that one in every two graduates does not have the right skills to participate in their work environment. Similarly, national tests show general deficiencies exist in science, math and languages, obliging companies to look for applicants with the best test scores even if they come from different industries. One of Mexico’s main advantages is its young workforce. The disadvantages lie in the skills of these people and their geographic distribution. Most talent is centered in main cities in Mexico, primarily in the metropolitan area, Nuevo Leon, Jalisco and the Bajio region. Unfortunately, each city does not always have all the profiles needed to satisfy the needs of the industry so it is important to find people willing and capable of moving if necessary.

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