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The Art of Deciding Which Vehicle to Buy in Mexico

By Fernando Enciso Pérez Rubio - Grupo Surman
Director México


By Fernando Enciso Pérez Rubio | Director Mexico - Thu, 05/25/2023 - 10:00

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Mexico represents a great option in North America for all brands due to our proximity to the US. That is one reason why, today, we have around 50 different brands in our country. Most of the brands available in Mexico have, or will have in the near future, an assembly plant that can produce vehicles for the domestic market and for export to other North American countries based on our low-cost and high-quality labor force. 

In the past, where there were only a few brands available and a family’s vehicle brand loyalty was very notorious, it was an easier task. If my family had always been with Chevrolet, for example, I was only buying Chevrolet, so I focused only on vehicle models from that brand, what my  budget was and what type of vehicle I was looking for when deciding among the three or four different models that brand offered.

Today, with the wide variety of brands and models available in our market (and several others coming soon) it has become a real puzzle for us, as consumers, to choose which new vehicle we should buy. Traditional brand loyalty has almost disappeared. Technology has, in some ways, standardized quality and available gadgets. As a result, I now believe there are no “bad” brands or models and the decision itself has become a challenge.

When consumers start looking for a new vehicle, two big issues come to mind: the need and the will. We may be willing to buy a vehicle for secure transportation or we may have the need but also the will to own a special type or brand of vehicle. (Nobody “needs” a Bentley, for example).

Price, security, comfort and type of engine are currently the most important aspects our customers ask for.


This is the most common issue almost all prospects have to deal with and they must determine the  budget they can, or want to, allocate for buying a new vehicle. 

It is also important to consider the financing options available and their costs for each brand or model, which could also help provide more options and opportunities with higher priced models due to promotions related to side costs (Insurance, financial rates, terms, among others) that may result in a better overall cost.

After defining this key point, we can start looking among the models that are within that price range.


For many people, security within the vehicle is a very important factor. Most people take into consideration the vehicle’s size, the number of airbags it includes, stability, and braking capacity, among others. It is important to note that almost all models comply with high standards regarding security.They have evolved to be more secure vehicles than those built in the past. Some brands and models include sensors that automatically send an alert message to a remote assistance service at the moment of an accident, including information about the type of impact and the exact location for sending emergency services as soon as possible.


Comfort may have several approaches. For some people, it means smooth driving, an ergonomically designed instrument panel, no noise inside the vehicle, electric windows, and air conditioning.. For others, it may be  high suspension and some 4x4 vehicle capabilities. This is why each dealership has demo vehicles, and why it is important to drive them before making a decision. After you do a test drive, you may notice there are some important issues for your daily use that may or may not be missing (for example, having a vanity mirror on the passenger side.) 


Nowadays, this aspect has added more variables to our decision-making. Some years ago, we only needed to define if we wanted a four-, six- or eight-cylinder engine and to know a little bit about horsepower and torque. Today, we have ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) Mild hybrid, Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. This issue obliges us to clearly define how we will use the vehicle, and then,  to select the different models that comply with those requirements. 

General Aspects to Consider

There are other general considerations. Is it for my personal use? Is it for my family's use? Will I use it daily? Is it for weekend use? Will I usually use it only within city limits? Are there enough chargers around my usual routes?  Do I need it for traveling or do I usually drive it  on highways? If I choose an electric car, will the battery range be enough to reach my desired destinations? Will I travel alone? What is that I usually carry (suitcases, boxes, pets)? How are the road conditions in my home city? Are all the dealerships around our country ready to address any need I have with the new technology regarding engines? How long will my battery life be?


We are very lucky to have so many options to decide from, but it is important to dedicate some time to first understand what you need and what characteristics you cherish in your future vehicle. Then, select those options that comply with your budget and needs to reduce the options when making the decision. 

It is important that when you have answered all the suggested questions and defined your possible three or four suitable vehicles, go to a dealership and ask for a test drive to be really confident you have made the right choice to fully enjoy your new vehicle. 

Photo by:   Fernando Enciso Pérez Rubio

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