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Audi México Starts Manufacturing Updated Q5

By Alejandro Enríquez | Wed, 07/29/2020 - 14:45

Audi's manufacturing facility in Puebla is the most recent and one of the most advanced plants in the Audi group. One of the key elements for this is flexibility, which allows the plant to adapt its production lines to new models faster, in this case the updated Q5 model recently announced by the company in Ingolstadt, Germany. It is expected the new model will reach the Mexican market by late 2020.

"At Audi México, we are very happy about the optimization of our Audi Q5 and to start its production as a made-in-Mexico premium SUV under the highest quality standards," said Andreas Lehe, President of Audi México on a statement. To adapt the production lines toward the new model, Audi focused on training more than 600 collaborators to meet the new technical and aesthetics requirements of the SUV. 

Since its inauguration in 2016, Audi's plant in Puebla is responsible for all Audi Q5 models sold across the world, except for China that produces that model locally. The new Q5 model includes updated sports features as well as new infotainment and ADAS capabilities. The SUV also has digital OLED technology in the back lights, being the first model to use these systems. In terms of design, few changes were introduced to maintain the overall identity of the Q5. 

The company announced on a statement that production will be carried out under strict health protocols to ensure the health and safety of the more than 5,200 employees. Puebla, home also to Volkswagen, was the last state to lift production restrictions to vehicle manufacturing activities even though these were labelled as essential by the federal government. 

Audi is Mexico's largest premium vehicle producer and nineth-largest light vehicle producer with 156,661 Q5 units manufactured in 2019. The company has manufactured over half million Q5 units since 2016. Due to the pandemic, there was null production during April and May. In terms of exports the company supplies 46 different countries, being Germany the top destination with 65,499 Q5 exported units exported in 2019, followed closely by the US with 64,391 units. Other relevant export destinations are Canada, Australia, Japan, Brazil and Switzerland. 

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