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Automakers' Key Performance Indicators From 2020

By Alejandro Enríquez | Thu, 01/07/2021 - 16:55

Automakers start reporting preliminary results for the last quarter of 2020. Ford, GM, Volvo Cars and Bentley are among this week's highlights. In addition, increased new-car demand during the pandemic in the US opens an optimistic scenario for Mexico in 2021. The US is Mexico’s main vehicle export destination. Similarly, Mexico has a strong presence in the American auto-part sector, which can increase during 2021. In this week's featured interview, Quaker Houghton details how the right chemicals can represent substantial savings.

In the international arena, this past week the final procedures were completed for the fourth-largest automotive group to be born. Stellantis will be the new entity emerging from the merger between PSA and FCA.

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Auto Parts: Mexico’s Edge in American Imports

Mexico has a strong presence in the American auto-part sector, after increasing 10 percent its participation in the country’s market in 10 years. USMCA negotiations can strengthen Mexico’s presence even more.

Stellantis: Fourth-Largest Automaker Emerges

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Peugeot S.A. Stellantis N.V. (Groupe PSA) have set a date for Stellantis NV to be formally born. On Jan. 16, 2021, Stellantis' common shares will begin trading on the Milan and Paris stock exchanges and on Jan. 18 on the New York Stock Exchange. Stellantis will be the fourth-largest automaker by volume and third by revenue with a total of 16 vehicle brands.

Quaker Houghton: Right Chemicals, Substantial Savings

"Quaker Houghton is one of the main suppliers of the automotive industry with around 45 percent market share." Carlos Torres describes how the chemical industry can contribute to substantial savings in the manufacturing and steel industries.

Large Players' Sales Results

Ford reported on Wednesday a 9.8 percent fall in sales during 4Q20, mainly due to the low truck performance which declined 12.5 percent compared to 3Q20. SUVs rose by 4 percent.

GM, on the other hand, reported a 4.8 percent increase in US sales during 4Q20, while Toyota posted a 9.4 percent increase and Volkswagen 10.8 percent. The industry expects to close the year with between 14.5 to 14.6 million units, a 14 percent decrease against 2019.

In Europe, Volvo Cars announced its sales grew 6 percent globally while Bentley also reported record global sales.

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