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Automotive Companies Celebrate World Environment Day

By Sofía Hanna | Mon, 06/07/2021 - 15:00

This year’s World Environment Day, which focuses on ecosystem restoration, was celebrated on June 5 with the theme is “Reimagine, Recreate, Restore,” according to the UN. In the wake of this day, automotive companies Nissan and BMW announced their new sustainable initiatives and commitments for 2030. 


Nissan will reinforce its commitment to a more sustainable and electrified society, said the company in a press release. Nissan has set itself the goal of being carbon neutral by 2050 in all the operations of the company and life cycle of its products. This objective is part of the Nissan Green Program, which includes specific actions to reduce carbon emissions in its corporate activities, products and services. The objectives of this initiative are ‘Penetration of zero-emission vehicles,’ ‘Increased use of low fuel consumption vehicles,’ ‘Minimization of the corporate carbon footprint’ and ‘Minimal use of natural resources.’ Nissan also plans to continue reducing its CO2 emissions during its manufacturing processes in Mexico and significantly reduce energy and water use. the Nissan Green Program seeks to “accelerate efforts to address environmental problems and, at the same time, strengthen the business base and work to create social value with the aim of establishing a new relationship between mobility, people and society.” 

BMW Group highlighted that its plant San Luis Potosi is advancing steadily to become the most sustainable within the group’s Global Production Network in the next decade. BMW Groups’ proposals to achieve a new level of sustainability are based on four pillars: energy efficiency, clean energy sources, efficient use of water and zero waste in landfills, efficient management and recycling. “At the BMW Group we are committed to the Paris Agreement, which is why we produce our vehicles in the most sustainable way possible. Our plant in San Luis Potosi has ​​been installed with the latest in sustainability technologies. We assume responsibility for the next generations and to do so we will continue to improve to become the first carbon-neutral plant in Mexico and in the Global Production Network of the BMW Group,” said Harald Gottsche, President and CEO of BMW Group San Luis Potosi, in a press release. BMW announced a few days before World Environment Day its plans to become the first vehicle manufacturer to equip tires using certified and sustainable natural rubber and rayon, a wood-based material used to strengthen tires. 

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