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Automotive Companies Need Tailored Solutions to Meet New Demands

Mauricio Blanc - OMRON México
Senior Director


Rodrigo Andrade By Rodrigo Andrade | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 02/22/2023 - 13:53

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Q: What is the role of OMRON México in boosting the country’s automation practices?
A: We are committed to supporting the country’s automation journey. We work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and demands, and provide them with customized solutions that meet those needs. We also create training programs for our customers, allowing them to ensure they are fully prepared to use our products effectively. Our strong technical support team is in place to assist customers with any questions they may have.

We also understand the importance of sustainability and the need to reduce our environmental impact, which is why we are constantly researching and developing new eco-friendly solutions. We believe that the future of manufacturing lies in sustainable and efficient technology.

Q: How do OMRON México’s automation solutions contribute to improving the industries it works with in the country?
A: OMRON has been in Mexico for over 20 years and since then, we have continued to increase our automation products and services. We now offer sensors, vision systems, programmable controllers and industrial, mobile and collaborative robots, among other solutions. We serve the backbone of Mexico’s industries, including automotive, food and beverage and pharmaceuticals.  

Our role is not just to sell products but also to act as consultants and provide integral solutions. We believe that automation and technology should work hand in hand with people to improve their lives and contribute to a better society. We always prioritize safety, which is why our main goal has always been to make manufacturing safer for operators. OMRON offers a wide range of products, including safety supplies, such as switches, safety mats and safety programmable logic controllers (PLC). We also offer safety consulting services to make factories safer for operators and engineers.

Q: How does the blend of agile and waterfall methodologies boost the competitiveness of manufacturing companies in Mexico?
A: The choice of a project methodology, as of every other tool, ultimately depends on its application. Both agile and waterfall methodologies have their own strengths and weaknesses, which is why there is no one-size-fits-all approach. For example, agile methodologies are good for delivering value to customers in a quick and continuous manner but there are times, especially on production lines, when they are difficult to implement. In these cases, a traditional methodology may be necessary. However, in software-based projects, such as IoT and AI, agile methodologies allow for the gradual application of technology, providing continuous learning and value through data mining. Later, the analysis of this information can allow companies to make the right business decisions.

Q: What are the main advantages that automotive companies gain by working with OMRON’s products and services?
A: We have a complete line of products to solve the main challenges faced by carmakers, Tier 1s and Tier 2s. Our products include sensors and robots that provide complete traceability, which is key for the automotive industry as it allows product quality tracking. In addition, we offer PLCs that are able to handle databases that can be easily exported for data analysis. 

Our mobile robots free operators from handling heavy loads. Additionally, we offer engine monitoring devices that can prevent failures through a predictive maintenance system, among many other solutions. All these products are supported by our consulting services that ensure we offer complete and integral solutions. 

Q: What are the key opportunity areas that Mexico needs to tackle in 2023 to boost its manufacturing capabilities?
A: One key area is nearshoring due to the ongoing US-China trade conflict. Many industries are turning to Mexico for nearshoring as it offers a great geographical position and the USMCA makes the Canada-US-Mexico block a strong competitor against the trade blocs in the EU and Asia.

Mexico can also leverage its talent pool, which is known for its creativity, focus on quality and approach to work. This potential workforce can be a valuable asset for companies looking to set up operations in Mexico. The Mexican workforce is highly skilled and has a strong desire to continuously learn and improve, which can be beneficial for companies looking to tap into their expertise. Those in the areas of services and engineering are characterized by a desire to learn, improve and help others, which is critical in building long-lasting relationships with clients and customers.

Q: What are the company’s plans for 2023 and what is Mexico’s role in the company’s global agenda?
A: The company has ambitious plans for 2023, focusing on expanding our support center in Guadalajara. Our goal is to continue to grow the center by attracting highly skilled professionals in various areas, including engineering, customer service, internal sales and marketing. This is a critical part of our global strategy and we see Mexico playing a significant role in our success. 

Our support center in Guadalajara will be key in providing high-quality services to our clients and helping us meet the increasing demands for our products and services. Furthermore, we believe that Mexico’s talent pool will prove critical to the growth and success of the company in the years to come.

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