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Automotive Exports Continue to Recover in 2021

By Cas Biekmann | Thu, 05/27/2021 - 14:57

Nissan Mexico announced an engine conversion program to use natural gas or LPG. The Alianza 4 Cero (Partnership Four Zero) aims to boost Industry 4.0 in San Luis Potosi, the state where the new BMW 2 Series Coupé is to be produced. In other news, automotive exports continue to rise this year. Ready for more? Read the roundup here!


Digitalization is a Mindset: Experts

Digitalization in the industrial world is not as simple as in other businesses, as it also requires a strong organizational commitment and culture shift, concluded experts during Mexico Business Forum 2021 Virtual Edition held on May 26. Tridi Additive Manufacturing, Honeywell Latin America, Rockwell Automation, KPMG and Alian Plastics addressed elements surrounding a successful digital transformation strategy for manufacturing companies, including those in the automotive industry.


Japanese Engineering with Mexican Manufacturing

Nissan Mexico announced the launch of an engine conversion program available for the NP300, March, Urvan and V-drive cars.

The program will be available for the 2020 and later models, allowing the converted vehicle to use natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), depending on the owner’s preference. Nissan Mexico says this is part of its commitment to creating mobility alternatives that offer variety to consumers in different segments. In Mexico, the company also created an alliance with Gazo Sistemas.


"Alianza 4 Cero" to Boost Industry 4.0 in San Luis Potosi

Alianza 4 Cero (Partnersip Four Zero) is a cluster fully committed to advance Industry 4.0 in San Luis Potosi. This state, part of the northern Bajio area in central Mexico, is home to BMW, GM, and Cummins, as well as several top Tier 1 suppliers.

The cluster was developed by San Luis Potosi's Ministry of Economic Development (SEDECO) and incorporates not just automotive companies but also those of other strategic sectors, including agribusiness, aerospace, healthcare, energy, logistics, home appliances, education, and IT. In the same vein as other clusters, Alianza 4 Cero will bring together the efforts of the industry, government, academia, environmental associations and society. Its goals include creating new jobs in the sector and promoting entrepreneurship and articulated supply chains.


From Mexico to the World: The BMW 2 Series Coupé

This week, the BMW Group unveiled news about the production of its new BMW 2 Series Coupé, a vehicle that will be manufactured exclusively at its San Luis Potosi Plant but sold globally. Production will begin this summer. According to a BMW Group’s press release, this is the second model that the brand will fully produce in San Luis Potosi.


Automotive Exports Increase Sharply in April 2021

Mexico's automotive exports grew 379.4 percent in April 2021, compared to April 2020. The increase represents and amount of US$1.25 billion dollars. This turned automotive exports into a key driver of sales outside the country, Opportimes reported. In 2020, Mexico’s automotive industry was strongly affected by COVID-19.


Mexico Lacks Infrastructure to Accelerate Electric Vehicle Production

Manuel Montoya Ortega, General Director of the Automotive Cluster of Nuevo León, told El Economista that electric vehicles (EV) will enter the Mexican market steadily, albeit at a gradual pace. A UNAM study shows that the high cost of EVs and lacking recharging infrastructure are not yet up to scratch.

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