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Automotive Industry Still Adapting to the Pandemic

By Alejandro Enríquez | Thu, 04/16/2020 - 14:01

As the health emergency continues, automotive companies in Mexico continue adapting to this new normal. COPARMEX has endorsed AMIA urging the National Health Council to consider automotive activities as essential so production could carry on at auto part manufacturers. OEMs, meanwhile, have extended operation suspensions until May 4, which means vehicle production during April was practically put on hold.

At the epicenter of the pandemic, manufacturing operations are ramping up again as China ended its lockdown last Monday. Meanwhile, Europe is starting to resume operations at a reduced capacity with one shift and less workers. In Mexico, GM is opening its plants for the production of 1.5 million facemasks a month.

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Automotive as an Essential Business

  • AMIA, ANPACT, AMDA and INA met with the Mexican Senate working group on COVID-19. An agreement was reached for Senators to urge the National Health Council to label the sector as strategic.
  • According, to INEGI, auto imports to Mexico reduced by 16.2 percent in 1Q20. Imports from Asia took the greatest hit.
  • GM will produce 1.5 million facemasks a month to combat COVID-19 in Mexico and the US.
  • Audi reached an agreement to pay 75 percent of salaries to employees during the contingency.
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