Juan Lam
Mexico Sales Director

Availability, Flexibility Trump Packaging Customization

Fri, 01/24/2020 - 12:04

The right packaging solution can go a long way in safekeeping components as they are transported over thousands of kilometers, while also minimizing logistics costs, says Juan Lam, Mexico Sales Director of US-based packaging material supplier ULINE. “Rather than focus on delivering customized packaging solution for clients, ULINE focuses on offering a wide variety of products and materials that help it stand out in the Mexican market.”


With a catalogue of over 36,000 packaging and industrial products in stock, the company offers constant product availability to cover any possible shipping supplies needs. Its portfolio also enables ULINE to react quickly to customer demand and supply products under just-in-time schemes.


Remaining available for customers and keeping an inventory of industrial supplies can make the difference when supplying to the automotive industry, according to Lam. “Being able to deliver shipping supplies overnight is a great feature for automotive companies that need to package and ship their parts on time,” he says.


Automotive companies based in Mexico need sometimes complex packaging solutions depending on the parts they produce. For instance, common boxes may not be suitable to ship heavy metal components as these parts may suffer wear or damage. ULINE offers a series of resistant, more robust corrugated cardboard boxes that protect these components from damage during handling and transportation, according to Lam. “Having quality materials in stock in Mexico is an advantage for auto parts companies that may need unique materials to package and ship their components,” he says. ULINE’s focus on stock availability eliminates the hassle for automotive companies to import packaging materials.


The company has a strong presence in North America that allows it to take advantage of business opportunities from its negotiations with automotive companies based in Mexico, the US and Canada, Lam says. This has helped the company understand and meet the quality and service standards that rule the international shipping supplies market.


Over 2019, the company focused on expanding into central Mexico and the Bajio region, after having prioritized the northern part of the country, to pursue potential opportunities created by newly arrived OEMs. Lam says. “Automotive companies are growing in these areas and we need to find ways to remain close and support them,” he says.