Ricardo Becerril
National Director of Operations
Estafeta Mexicana

Bajio: Land of Opportunity for Logistics

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 13:09

Logistics is the oil that keeps the automotive industry running smoothly. “Behind a vehicle lies countless days of work, design, and supplies. Logistics ensures that everything arrives on time to the assembly lines,” explains Ricardo Becerril, National Director of Operations of Estafeta Mexicana. In response to the industry’s growth, the company developed a tailored solution for the supply chain called LTL consolidation. “The industry views time as an essential added value factor so this solution focuses on next day delivery,” he adds. LTL entails consolidating shipments of different sizes and characteristics into one container for one destination. “We offer flexibility in adapting the solution according to the needs of our automotive clients and they in return can have savings of 30% in their supply chain management.”

The transition of the industry to the Bajio region sparked interesting developments for the company. “Of our US$33.8 million investment, US$21.4 million was allocated to main infrastructure projects. One of these was the creation of the new Logistics Center in Puerto Interior, Guanajuato,” Becerril explains. According to Becerril, given the automotive industry’s crucial role in the region, it will test the logistics center in terms of extended collection hours and next day deliveries. “We will create a logistics circuit for collection and delivery times so we can connect our clients with their suppliers in other regions,” he adds. The company’s business model focuses on express cargo with deliveries of up to five days operated via land or air. Nevertheless, the location of the logistics center has placed the company in an area rich in opportunity. “The intermodal Puerto Interior has recently been inaugurated in Guanajuato and being inside the inland port will see demand for our services pick up.” This proximity enables the company to evaluate the dynamics of the railway transportation as a viable alternative for a specially designed product or strategy clients may need.

Connectivity is an essential factor in creating a logistical circuit and Estafeta is striving to expand its network by opening an additional 39 new sales points around Mexico. “We have strong ties with the ports in the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific and we also receive cargo from airports. We have an air fleet, which we hope to use in order to begin operations at airports,” Becerril states. “The automotive industry is very stringent about timeliness, there can be no mistakes in delivery and collection times. A lack of consistency can seriously affect the production times of companies.” With this in mind, Estafeta is taking further steps to optimize its logistics services, mainly by increasing its connectivity. “By being in Puerto Interior and in close proximity to the airport, we will be able to ensure a multimodal transportation service that includes air, truck, and railway,” Becerril expresses.