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Breaking Taboos to Enhance Vehicle Leasing

Regina Granados - LeasePlan


Sofía Garduño By Sofía Garduño | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Fri, 05/20/2022 - 07:40

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Q: As the use of mobility-as-a-service systems becomes more common, how has LeasePlan strengthened its offering to attract customers?

A: We offer consultancy to our clients to provide them with the mobility solution that fits them best, because each customer is different. We first analyze their needs to identify whether they would benefit more from buying or leasing. We can manage their fleets or lease them a fleet.

In the current economy, many companies are focused on optimizing their expenditure and leasing offers companies an opportunity to put their liquid assets toward other expenses, rather than buying cars and paying for their fuel and other services. By leasing a vehicle, a client can avoid maintenance costs and change their vehicle model at the end of their contract.

Q: How attractive has leasing become for both corporate and private clients, especially after the pandemic?

A: The pandemic is increasing the lease culture in Mexico, but for many in Mexico, leasing is also thought to be too expensive because little is known about its benefits.

Many of our clients have shifted to leasing because we offer them savings and management services. For example, one client had refused to lease for 10 years and instead owned a 1,100-vehicle fleet but, after the pandemic, we partnered with EY and were able to show the client that acquiring a leasing plan would help it save MX$54 million (US$2.68 million) in three years. 

Q: How has LeasePlan provided continuity during the semiconductor shortage and the pandemic?

A: We are the only leasing company with a recalculating system that analyzes the usability and state of a vehicle to adapt the monthly fee to the needs of our clients. During the pandemic, we adjusted the recalculation to extend the length of a contract so clients did not lose mobility access while they waited for more vehicles to arrive on the market. We are also expanding our supplier network to ensure vehicle availability.

Q: What are the key strengths of LeasePlan’s 360° formula?

A: There are three main factors that help us provide an excellent service. First, we consider our employees to be fundamental to our success. We are certified in inclusion and are considered one of the best companies to work for in Mexico by the LGBTQ+ community and women.  We believe that diversity and differences add value.

Second, LeasePlan also acknowledges our clients’ preferences. LeasePlan’s strategies prioritize communication with clients to understand them and meet their needs. The market is continuously evolving and we need to know what clients are looking for to develop innovative services. Finally, our suppliers have been essential to our operations. We enjoy a win-win relationship with over 3,500 suppliers.

Q: What service options have you included in your portfolio as a result of the continuous communication you maintain with clients?

A: We build a team with our clients because we need to move in the same direction as them. We have just created a penalty-fee management system that informs the client which vehicles have been charged with fines. We are also developing a control system that will provide customer service digitally and efficiently. Furthermore, we now offer on-site maintenance to ensure mobility for clients that keep vehicles in different locations, such as garages.

Q: How important is cybersecurity in your business?

A: Cybersecurity is extremely important for us. Our information security officer (ISO) is one of the most important actors in the company, monitoring anomalies daily. We also have several controls that ensure security.

Q: What public or private initiatives are needed in Mexico to increase the leasing and use of EVs?

A: All the actors in the segment need to act as a team so the population is aware of the benefits of leasing and owning EVs. Information about electromobility must be shared so everyone can make the mobility decision that best suits them.

LeasePlan is a founding member of the EV100 initiative, through which we support environmental goals in all the countries in which we operate. We have a social responsibility to the environment and we aim to lead by example in the transition to electromobility. We are committed to informing our clients of the benefits of EVs and we give them the opportunity to test these vehicles so they can make a better-informed decision.

Q: How has LeasePlan progressed toward its goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030?

A: Our clients are shifting to electromobility and we offer them EVs or hybrid vehicles. Some clients are pushing to have a fully green fleet by 2025 and LeasePlan has been working with them to help them achieve that goal.

Q: What are LeasePlan’s growth goals for 2022?

A: We aim to continue growing but it is essential for us to help our current clients expand. We are aware of the low availability of vehicles the world is facing due to the shortage of semiconductors but we will continue to offer a remarkable service by providing solutions to those problems.


LeasePlan is a global leader in the Car-as-a-Service model, managing about 1.8 million vehicles in over 29 countries. LeasePlan purchases, funds and manages new vehicles, providing customers a complete end-to-end service.


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