Bridgestone Bets on Latin America
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Bridgestone Bets on Latin America

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Sofía Garduño By Sofía Garduño | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Mon, 11/28/2022 - 09:54

Bridgestone announced a US$250 million investment in its plant in Heredia, Costa Rica, to expand its facilities, create over 160 new permanent jobs and, by 2023, increase its production capacity by 36 percent. Bridgestone has also invested in projects in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, as Latin America is a strategic region for the brand. 


With Costa Rica’s recent investment, the company aims to strengthen its strategic plan for sustainable growth. Since 2020, Bridgestone Costa Rica has invested over US$38.5 million to modernize its tire manufacturing plant, expand Turrialba’s plant and strengthen Bridgestone Business Services operations. “This new capital investment represents an important step for Bridgestone's tire production capacity, and it also reinforces our commitment to contributing to Costa Rica’s economic and social development,” said Alfonso Zendejas, President Latin America North, Bridgestone Americas.


Bridgestone’s Camaçari’s plant in Brazil also received a US$52 million investment this year for its expansion and modernization. With this investment, the brand expects to satisfy the demand of the electric and hybrid vehicles market. “From 2022 to 2050, Bridgestone will continue working as a sustainable solutions provider. The company’s vision encompasses energy, ecology, efficiency, extension, economy, emotion, ease and empowerment to bring a different perspective to each part of the business. We are not just about selling tires; we want to provide sustainable mobility solutions,” said Miguel Pacheco, Country Manager Latin America North, Bridgestone, to MBN.


Mexico is another strategic country for Bridgestone. From 2015, Bridgestone has invested over US$100 million in expanding its plant in Cuernavaca, Morelos, which is expected to produce 3,000 daily tires by 2023 to answer the growing demand from the local market. “Mexican clients are consuming better cars. At the same time, materials are changing and new technologies are arriving, helping Bridgestone to grow its high-performance tires sales, which have shown double-digit growth,” explained Pacheco.


Meanwhile, Bridgestone invested US$5 million in Argentina last year. The renewed market is the main priority of the brand in this country. The renovation is based on integral solution, safety as a priority and good performance. Bridgestone has a five-year plan to renew its product line to adapt to the market’s needs. It also expects to boost the use of virtual platforms such as ToolBox and Basys. 


“At Bridgestone, we believe in the great potential of the Latin American market, as well as in the high levels of quality and reliability of local talent. Thanks to the trust of the company and the daily commitment of our colleagues, Latin America will continue to be one of the most outstanding regions in the world for our company," said Celso Villalva, Vice President of Manufacturing for Latin America, Bridgestone Americas. 

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