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Building Loyalty Through Exceptional Aftersales Services

Jorge Vallejo - Mitsubishi Motors de México
President & CEO


Antonio Gozain By Antonio Gozain | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 06/07/2022 - 11:00

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Q: What does the tagline “Drive your ambition” mean and how does Mitsubishi Motors adapt it to Mexico?

A: “Drive your ambition” is part of the revitalization of Mitsubishi Motors. It helps give the brand a global identity, encompassing Mitsubishi’s present and its history as pioneers in electrified and plug-in hybrid technologies, offroad and 4X4s. In Mexico, the brand is well developed among clients, who identify with the tagline. It is all about where you want to take your performance and ambition. It is all about driving your emotion, motivating yourself and climbing as high as you aim to.  The marketing strategy ensures a uniform message at the municipal, state and national levels.

Q: How does Mitsubishi Motors de México ensure it delivers a customer-centric approach?

A: A client and a brand cannot be disassociated. Several brands say that they put the customer at the center of their operations but in reality, that does not happen. Mitsubishi Motors, however, has a true client-centric approach that is evident during the sale process and with its aftersales services. With aftersales services, clients can feel the brand’s strength and that it is taking care of them. Clients are at the center of our operations, regardless if they give us the privilege of providing them with a vehicle for the first time in their lives or are already loyal to the brand.

Q: What are the main strengths of Mitsubishi Motors de México’s aftersales service?

A: For Mitsubishi Motors, aftersales service impacts future sales. As part of the Consolidation Together 2022 plan, we launched a complete reengineering of our aftermarket segment, with a new structure for the operations team but also including training for dealerships to improve their overall times, their service levels and delivery times. The client wants an agile, dynamic and efficient service at fair prices.

Loyalty is built through the accompaniment of the client throughout the vehicle’s lifespan. Car specs are important but true loyalty is generated several years after the sale.

Q: How does Mitsubishi’s market-leading seven-year guarantee represent a competitive advantage in the Mexican market?

A: From the first day of the new Mitsubishi Motors era in Mexico, we understood that our differentiating element would be quality. Our brand manufactures high-quality products, made for real life with the promise that your vehicle will not fail. And if it does fail, it will be fixed quickly and effectively.

Mitsubishi Motors offers a seven-year, fender-to-fender guarantee, with unlimited mileage and encompassing all circumstances. In addition, our vehicles maintain their residual value during those seven years. This strategy has differentiated the brand and has provided great results. The guarantee is a great purchasing driver.

Q: How has Mitsubishi Motors de México dealt with ongoing shortages and logistics difficulties?

A: The automotive industry has suffered globally. There are ongoing supply shortages, port congestion and issues with raw materials, including rubber, steel and aluminum. Despite the challenges, we have stayed afloat. Our supply is not ideal but it has been enough to enable us to grow by 83 percent year-on-year. We are also growing on a monthly basis. In December 2021, Mitsubishi Motors de México saw its highest market share in 19 years.

Our growth is also focused on delivery. Mitsubishi has a great network of dealerships, with high and profitable volumes. Customers can see the cars and receive good delivery times. The pandemic and other disruptions have been difficult for us but we are dealing with them very well. Our plan includes posting even better figures compared to 2021, which will require a great deal of work.

Q: What role does L200 play within Mitsubishi Motors’ offer in the Mexican market?

A: Unfortunately, the pandemic has limited Mitsubishi Motors de México’s ability to penetrate every segment it would like to be in. However, we still participate in some important segments of the Mexican market, competing with quality and loyalty. In the pick-up segment, the L200, which is already in its fifth global generation, is a proven and reliable vehicle, with a great capacity for delivery and drag that makes it perfect for working in mines and in the agriculture sector due to its turning radius, efficiency and performance. In 2022, we launched the automatic diesel L200, to play in a more personal, family, offroad, adventure and design segment. We have surprises coming soon for this segment.

In the subcompact segment, the Mirage G4 offers the market a top-performing efficient vehicle, thanks to its three-cylinder engine and good driving and handling abilities. It delivers a 30km-per-liter range, which represents an important plus factor given current fuel prices.

Q: How is Mitsubishi Motors addressing climate change and competing in the electrified vehicles market?

A: In Mexico, we are behind several countries in terms of electrification and the necessary infrastructure. The PHEV technology we offer in Outlander is an important step in the transition toward 100 percent electromobility. Globally, we are leaders in this technology, with over 300,000 sold units in more than 60 countries. This allows us to combine our electromobility strategies because PHEV tech is crucial for emerging countries.

Later this year, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation will unveil a 100 percent electric Kei car. By 2030, 50 percent of our product portfolio will be made up of electrified cars, in addition to a 50-percent reduction in emissions at the corporate level. Mitsubishi Motors has global, regional and local strategies focused on decarbonization and electrification.

Q: What are Mitsubishi Motors de México’s strategies to increase its market share?

A: Mitsubishi Motors de México will continue working on the Consolidation Together 2022 comprehensive plan. Our goal is to gain a 50 percent share for our financial arm, in addition to the reengineering of our aftersales services and new business models for dealerships, such as certified second-hand vehicles and extended warranties. Our dealer network will continue growing, with a target of 90 percent country coverage. We expect to close this year with 60 percent of our dealerships working under the new image. Despite the difficult times for the industry, dealers continue to invest in and betting on Mitsubishi Motors. This speaks to the high profitability of the brand.


Mitsubishi Motors de México is a subsidiary of Japan’s Mitsubishi Motors. The brand started independent operations in Mexico in 2019 and offers vehicles in the compact, SUV and pickup segments.

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