Cable Sealing Solutions Preventing Downtime

Tue, 09/15/2015 - 16:28

Manufacturing downtime is one of the industry’s main concerns, capable of bringing a company to its knees as profit is hemorrhaged. One of the lesser known ways to prevent this is to pay close attention to pipe and cable sealing products. Alfonso Guarneros, Managing Director of Roxtec Mexico explains that there is a considerable lack of education about these solutions. “Few companies use sealers, instead favoring materials like mastic or foam, which do not offer the same reliability in terms of plant operation,” he explains. “Sealing is capable of preventing any sort of damage that could cause a major shutdown, so Roxtec actively visits manufacturing plants to explain how they could manage these resources by sealing their installations.” The two main application areas for cable seals are civil construction and equipment. The construction area focuses on properly sealing cables and pipes that run through the walls of manufacturing plants and need to be protected against water, fire, dust, and even insects. The equipment area, on the other hand, concentrates on isolating cables in machinery, sensors, and actuators. The three major components that cable sealing is based on are rubber, steel frames, and compressing agents. Of these three, Roxtec manages a variety of 3,000 to 4,000 products, depending on the application, and is also the creator of multi-diameter sealing that can adapt to any cable size, offering excellent flexibility.

Roxtec has been in Mexico for almost six years, and its Mexican facility was discovered by OEMs such as Chrysler, Nissan, and Ford thanks to the company being an Encompass Partner of Rockwell Automation. This awareness led to a contract with Volkswagen and negotiations with Nissan Aguascalientes, adding to the company’s existing contract with Audi. To date, the aftermarket has represented the majority of total sales for the multi cable transits manufacturer, and, the company has become a leader in cable and pipe sealing with an 80% market share in modular sealing. Mexico will hopefully become an important market for Roxtec worldwide, given its recent growth of 126% and its presence in all major industries, aside from aeronautics. “We will target both the automotive sector and the energy companies, concentrating on the three major areas of marine and offshore, OEM and telecom, and land base,” explains Guarneros. The latter two areas are expected to grow considerably in the short term, as a result of the Energy and Telecommunications Reforms. In light of the company recently more than doubling its growth, the five year prognostic for Roxtec Mexico is extremely promising. One of the company’s goals is to target more OEMs within the automotive sector, in order to increase the 5% of sales that the automotive industry represents.