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Calderón Autopartes to Enter Motorcycle Segment

By Antonio Gozain | Tue, 08/02/2022 - 08:00

Q: How has Calderón Autopartes grown its product portfolio over the past 40 years in the automotive industry?

A: We started operations 40 years ago with one retail store. Through the years, we opened several more and later a wholesale warehouse. We are innovating alongside the market, introducing new products and entering new industries. We are focusing on electric auto parts and entering the motorcycle parts industry, which is growing in Mexico.

Q: How has Calderón Autopartes grown its footprint with the opening of new retail stores and what are the upcoming strategies in this regard?

A: Our product line has grown with each new sales point. The first store mainly focused on selling electronic components for trucks. Our product line grew with the opening of our second retail store. The third was close to an industrial zone, so it sold parts for trucks, buses and trailers. Each store has different products and targets a different market.

We are entering the motorcycle industry, following its growth in Mexico. The country has over 5 million motorcycles, so it is becoming an interesting market.

Q: Calderón Autopartes imports most of its products from Asia and the US. How do you select your suppliers and what do you require from them?

A: First, we prioritize quality in our products. We began by working with the original makers of the auto parts we sell. This has helped us to find multiple quality suppliers in India, China, the US and Latin America, allowing us to have flexible logistics.

Q: How has the slump in new vehicle sales and the growth of used vehicle sales impacted the aftermarket and spare parts business?

A: We do not target new vehicles. Instead, we focus on 4- or 5-year-old vehicles. For that reason, the current sales slump that started in 2017 will impact us in three years but at the moment, we are in a good position because fewer people are buying new cars, while more are repairing their current vehicles. In the long term, the reduction in the sale of new vehicles will impact us but as of today, we have not been affected.

Public mobility vehicles, such as taxis and Ubers, are becoming our direct clients since they need their vehicles to be working at all times and independent mechanics have short waiting times to repair vehicles.

Q: What are Calderón Autopartes’ main strategies and plans for 2022?

A: Our plans are to continue investing in new products and technology. Seven years ago, we launched our webpage, which at that time was the best in the market but now it is no longer useful. We are going to invest in new technology to keep up with this ever-changing world.


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Antonio Gozain Antonio Gozain Journalist and Industry Analyst