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Marcio Hociko
Marcio Hociko
Director of Operations
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Capital Injection Sets up Ambitious Targets

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 13:54

Q: How do you expect LP Group’s recent acquisition of LeasePlan to impact your local and international operations?

TB: LP Group stated from the beginning of the process that they support our growth expectations and our overall strategy. Thanks to the capital the company will inject into LeasePlan, we will be able to aim for more ambitious targets in the near future and we will be able to enter new markets. Asia is the perfect example as we are opening new operations in China and Malaysia. This region has become one of our main priorities, added to the Latin American market.

LeasePlan is already the number one company for leasing operations and this new investment will give us the opportunity to delve into new technology developments to serve our drivers and our clients in the best possible way. Mexico represents an excellent opportunity for LeasePlan, especially in the fleet segment. In the last two and a half years, we have grown 190 percent and in 2016 alone we expect to see 30-40 percent growth.

Q: How has LeasePlan taken advantage of its position in the international market to boost its presence in Mexico?

MH: We have expanded our operations and one of our most recent developments was in telematics. Our strategy is to become a one-stop shop for mobile solutions, paying special attention to the drivers and their needs.

TB: We want to determine what we can do best for our customers. Over the past two years, we have invested millions in system improvements and training for our staff. Our employees are a crucial part of our operations and are the basis for our growth in the country. Alongside their professional development we always strive to support their personal and professional growth. LeasePlan has worked hard to achieve salary equality between men and women and we have always made sure every person feels like they are part of the company and its evolution. We train our staff to drive more efficiently and on what to do in the case of a robbery. We also share these courses with our clients, helping them improve the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their fleet. Certainly growing 190 percent has been astounding for LeasePlan but it also represents a challenge for our relationship with the client and the service we can offer. While it may seem simple at first glance, leasing is a complicated product to manage. LeasePlan, being a financial entity, has specialists that manage products and services in addition to administrative personnel.

Q: What strategies are you implementing to grow organically under aggressive development conditions?

TB: We want to become the first choice for the Mexican customer not only thanks to the number of cars, but also due to service. We will shortly introduce a new system to speed up maintenance approvals and manage all invoicing automatically. This system is in its testing phase but is expected to be operational in late 2016. We will start testing it with three of our major customers before eventually including it in all our fleets. Our administrative services also offer added value for our clients. We manage all the paperwork for their fleet, so they do not have to worry about anything besides their business. LeasePlan has clients that do not lease our cars but do use our administrative services.

Q: Where are the cost reductions LeasePlan identifies for its clients?

MH: Apart from these administrative activities, we make maintenance operations more efficient for the driver. Our newest platform will also include a workflow-tracking system so drivers can periodically check the time frame and progress of each maintenance service. The platform will help them find the closest service station to their location, generating a more productive agenda for the driver. Regarding telematics, our new portal will allow fleet managers to track all their vehicles and check which are undergoing maintenance. The system will create an analysis of the users’ driving patterns to help companies find important cost-reduction opportunities. Rather than just handing information to the client, LeasePlan analyzes it and offers potential solutions that could boost clients’ efficiency and reduce costs.

TB: After salaries, company car use is by far one of the highest costs in any organization. Therefore, we work directly with our dealers and suppliers to offer the lowest possible prices. LeasePlan is the only company that offers an open calculation scheme. This dictates that 50 percent of any profit made with our cost-reduction strategies is shared with our customer and we take responsibility for any potential losses.