Cenntro Automotive, Yanfeng Seating Invest in Nuevo Leon
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Cenntro Automotive, Yanfeng Seating Invest in Nuevo Leon

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Rodrigo Andrade By Rodrigo Andrade | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Tue, 01/24/2023 - 12:13

Tech and automotive manufacturer Cenntro Automotive Corporation is investing US$200 million in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, to launch the first phase of its lithium-ion battery production plans. The 10,436m2 plant, which started construction last year, is expected to start operations in 2Q23.

Andrés Lankenau, President, Cenntro Automotive México, explained that the US$200 million investment will take place over three years to build the plant’s battery manufacturing capabilities and to expand its services in Mexico. Lankenau also highlighted the role that sustainability is taking in the country’s automotive industry. "Companies in Mexico are environmentally conscious and committed to renewing their fleets with electric vehicles. Cenntro is fast becoming the highest quality supplier of cost-effective electric commercial vehicles in Mexico," Lankenau tells El Economista. 

The company’s “Electrifying Mexico” program aims to increase the impact of electromobility through its commercial EVs: Metro, Logistar 100, Logistar 200 and Logistar 260 with van and cargo box options. These vehicles are ideal for delivery, courier, express and package service providers, says the company. Cenntro Automotive Corporation has delivered over 3,600 EVs thanks to its assembly plants across the world. 

Yanfeng Seating Inaugurates its Second Plant in Nuevo Leon
The Chinese company opened a new facility in Nuevo Leon, which represented an investment of US$23 million and is set to create 800 new jobs. This plant will be able to produce up to 800,000 sets of automotive seats for the company’s global customers. Yanfeng Seating also has manufacturing facilities in Coahuila, Queretaro and San Luis Potosi.

"Yanfeng Seating, which is also a Tesla supplier, is here in Nuevo Leon inaugurating a first-world plant,” says Samuel García, Governor of Nuevo Leon. García also announced a set benefits and incentives for automotive companies in the state thanks to the state’s Expenditure Law. "We are announcing a 50 percent discount on all fees, taxes and duties for hybrid or electric cars in Nuevo Leon,” says García.

Nuevo Leon is one the most important regions in the country’s manufacturing industry. Iván Rivas, Minister of Economy of Nuevo Leon, highlighted the work the current administration has done in attracting investment for the automotive industry. “We are strengthening one of the most dynamic industries in Nuevo Leon. Since 2022, 23 investment projects in the automotive sector have been confirmed, representing an investment of US$1.64 billion and the creation of 7,292 new jobs,” said Rivas.

Photo by:   vanijtan

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