Chinese Automaker GWM Outlines Manufacturing Plans in Mexico
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Chinese Automaker GWM Outlines Manufacturing Plans in Mexico

Photo by:   Great Wall Motors
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Héctor Soto By Héctor Soto | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Mon, 09/11/2023 - 09:48

Chinese automaker Great Wall Motors (GWM) is actively advancing its plans to establish a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Mexico. In a strategic move to bolster its footprint in the Mexican market, GWM announced its intent to produce automobiles in Mexico aligned with a forward-looking manufacturing strategy dedicated to fostering the evolution of “new energy mobility."

James Yang, President for the Latin American Market, Great Wall Mexico, says: "We have already begun researching local production to become a local car brand."

GWM introduced its lineup of vehicles set to hit the Mexican market, with the initial offering being the hybrid SUV Haval H6. The prices for this vehicle will range from MX$639,900 (US$36,379) to MX$689,900(US$39,222) and it comes with a seven-year warranty.

The CEO of GWM highlighted the significance of the Mexican market, saying that "Mexico is one of the important strategic markets for Great Wall Motors to expand its presence in Latin America and globally." 

Pedro Albarrán, Director General, GWM, underlined the importance of the Chinese brand, which has laid out plans to invest US$13.7 billion globally by 2025. "We manufacture almost all vehicle components, making the brand competitive," says Albarrán.

GWM goal is to establish 40 dealerships across Mexico in 2023 with the aim of selling 3,000 units. Additionally, GWM will introduce a new product every month and a half, starting with SUVs, pickups, electric vehicles and its luxury lineup. The company also plans to enhance the availability of charging stations to ensure consumers have access to this technology.


Photo by:   Great Wall Motors

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