Bernardita Díaz
Chief Project Officer

Circular Economy for Discarded Products

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 14:13

Chilean consultancy firm Sustrend has its eye on Mexico. The company is in the process of planning its entry with solutions that recycle and revalorize materials in different industrial processes. In particular, it is focusing on tire retreading. When the company was established, its first project was to define standards for retreading processes in Chile. In Mexico, tire retreading is often confused with vulcanization. Both treat tires during different parts of the product’s lifespan but vulcanization focuses on the tire’s manufacturing process while retreading applies to the remanufacturing process.

Sustrend’s goal is to highlight the environmental and economic benefits of retreading. The company hopes to replicate its Chilean lobbying efforts to promote it in Mexico and to spread awareness about the importance of incorporating sustainability in development plans.

The firm believes circular and green economy concepts can be applied to the automotive retreading sector, especially since the segment’s core process is the recovery of the product once its useful life is over. A regular tire can be retreaded up to seven times.

Sustrend has broad experience in the retreading industry and has expertise in new trends that drive the international sustainability market. They have proven experience advising decision-makers and public entities and excel at adapting public policy strategies to future scenarios. Sustrend also helps companies to link the environmental and financial aspects of their business. Though it has not yet established operations here, Sustrend is eager to initiate a collaboration with Mexican industry and act as catalyst for sustainable businesses