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Circutor: One-Stop Solutions for EV Charging Centers

By Antonio Gozain | Wed, 10/06/2021 - 10:26

Q: What is Circutor's comprehensive offer for EV charging infrastructure?

A: The EV charger by itself will not provide the necessary service if it is not part of a turnkey package. Beyond the entire charging station, Circutor also supplies the software for its management. In alliance with local experts, whom we train, we offer consulting services to determine the best business model and select the ideal spot for a charger. This service includes negotiations with the site’s host and project design, execution, start-up, integration of software and maintenance. Circutor is a one-stop shop.

Q: How do you apply the experience gained across the world to the Mexican market? What are the similarities and differences?

A: The efficient use of energy and the sustainable exploitation of green energies have been Circutor's goals since its foundation almost 50 years ago. The experience obtained in Spain and in over 100 countries around the world assures our clients that the products they receive follow the highest quality standards and comply with the regulations imposed by certified entities. Besides being certified by virtually all the automotive companies that have an electrical solution in Mexico, we understand that each market is different and adaptation is necessary. This is why we always have local alliances to complement our solutions, according to the market’s needs.

Q: Some experts say there is not enough EV charging infrastructure, while others say it is enough for the size of the market. What is your perspective?

A: We are in the initial stage of using EVs in Mexico, which implies that the infrastructure is also beginning to take shape. Based on our experience in other countries, we know that the dilemma regarding who should invest first in the infrastructure for EV always arises. The government or electricity companies usually invest hand-in-hand with automotive companies and other private entities, such as gas distributors, which are preparing for the energy transition. In the private sector, there are many other stakeholders interested in investing and at Circutor, we are ready to promote and support them.

Q: How do public charging stations differ from privately owned chargers and how does Circutor support both segments?

A: All of Circutor’s charging centers can be part of a private or public network. The differences may lie in the origin of the investment and its purpose. For instance, last-mile delivery companies are interested in developing a network along the routes used by their fleets. They also want software that reports on routes and mileage, among other operational parameters. Electricity companies have also invested in electricity brokerages to charge for recharging EVs, which is likely the future of charging infrastructure.

Q: Real estate developers are offering EV charging infrastructure as an added value, both for offices and residential use. What is Circutor's strategy to meet the needs of both segments?

A: We often promote these solutions through different media outlets and platforms. It is important that consumers understand the benefits of using green-energy vehicles; there is no need to pay for fuel, for example. As this information reaches the end user, any EV charging project immediately becomes a more attractive investment.

Q: During Mexico Automotive Summit 2021 ECHO, you mentioned that Circutor is working on battery innovation for cars. How is Circutor making a difference in this area?

A: One of the largest challenges automakers face is battery innovation so vehicles can achieve greater autonomy and become less expensive. The capacity of car batteries is increasing, which means that the charging time for the battery will be longer as well. Our task as manufacturers of chargers for these batteries is to develop increasingly powerful equipment. For instance, just a few years ago, the standard for fast charging was 50kW but in today’s market, we already see solutions of 100kW, 150kW, 350kW and more. Circutor is aware of this trend and will be launching a 350kW charger in 2022.

Q: What are Circutor's strategies for the Mexican market in the coming years?

A: Our goal is to promote the rational use of energy and its management through our solutions and to continue the development of state-of-the-art solutions that adhere to market needs and that comply with quality certifications. Circutor will continue working with automotive and electric companies to promote investments in infrastructure. Our goal is to consolidate Circutor as the top-of-mind brand for EV infrastructure in Mexico.

Antonio Gozain Antonio Gozain Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst