José Raúl Guerrero
Director General
Korn Ferry

Closing the International Gap

Tue, 09/01/2015 - 10:58

New investments are obviously beneficial for the country, but few people realize the cultural barriers that companies have to overcome to bring their operations to Mexico. The country is full of contrasts, so new players need to align their mindsets to an unfamiliar workforce with its own ideas. With more than 15 years of experience in the automotive industry, Korn Ferry is well positioned to assist companies in their talent search throughout the whole human capital spectrum, offering advanced programs focused on cultural integration and alignment to overcome cultural differences.

Since 2007, Korn Ferry has transformed its global operations in more than 80 offices around the world, expanding outside the executive part of the recruitment business and focusing on middle management operations. “Everybody can find names, but what we offer is the knowledge and the tools to attract candidates that truly fit with our clients’ philosophies,” explains José Raúl Guerrero, Director General of Korn Ferry. The company is not afraid to look for the right talent outside the automotive industry, since one of its ideologies is that the best people for certain positions can come from any area. “When candidates have the required abilities, they can learn about a new industry in a matter of months. Talent does not have nationality, industry, or background; it is developed when you find someone with all the proper characteristics, so you should not focus primarily on their background,” says Guerrero.

Another important aspect of Korn Ferry’s operation is its evaluation process. Patricia Helbig, Client Partner of Korn Ferry states that the company’s Four Dimensional Executive Assessment methodology goes far beyond finding people with the right technical competencies. This technique provides the company with the ability to check experience, competencies, traits, drivers, and the intricacies of how a person matches with a company’s culture. “People normally get hired for what they know, but get fired for who they are,” claims Helbig. “This provides Korn Ferry with plenty of added value, since we are the only firm in the market offering the kind of expertise that companies are coveting. Even with this approach, we have found that several players in the industry greatly misunderstand the true capabilities of the Mexican workforce. This is a terrible statement because there is plenty of talent,” says Guerrero. “If companies do not seize the opportunity to develop their human talent in the early stages, they will lose it to their competitors.” However, companies are accepting more Mexican candidates every day, recognizing that it is vital to have local people on board in order to help the cultural diversification of their workforce.