Consolidating North America's Automotive Hub

By Mónica López | Tue, 03/30/2021 - 18:02

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The automotive industry is going through deep changes as new technologies reshape diverse aspects of the sector. Under these circumstances, carmakers in North America must take a joint approach to handle the challenges brought by changing customer preferences, agreed speakers in the panel “Consolidating North America's Automotive Hub,” which took place during Mexico Automotive Summit on Wednesday, Mar. 24. “USMCA will incentivize the use of new technologies, such as electric transmissions,” said David Adams, President of Global Automakers Canada. In agreement,  Jean-Francois Champagne, President of AIA Canada, noted that with the new US administration, policies were more aligned and there was more potential for collaboration. John Bozzella, President and CEO of The Alliance of Automotive Innovation, explained that the Biden administration has four priorities, one of which is to address climate change, something that will directly impact the automotive sector. “We are looking at a new administration that takes climate change very seriously,” said Guido Vildozo, Senior Manager, Americas at IHS Markit.

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