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Daimler Has a New CEO; Toyota Boosts HEV and EV Sales

By Alejandro Enríquez | Thu, 04/15/2021 - 12:54

For the first time ever, a woman will lead the top heavy-vehicle producer, seller and exporter in the country. Marcela Barreiro took office this week as President and CEO of Daimler Trucks México. Meanwhile, Toyota expects 20 percent of its sales in the country to come from hybrid and electric vehicles.

Leaders from the heavy-vehicle sector continue to stress the importance of revising NOM-044 regarding Euro VI / EPA 10 standards. At the same time, the availability of chips and semiconductors still affects production lines, while plastic shortages seem to be a new hurdle.

Our featured interviews of this week include R&D center leaders, EV manufacturers and the Director General of the Puebla-Tlaxcala Automotive Cluster (CLAUZ).

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Marcela Barreiro Appointed CEO of Daimler Trucks México

Marcela Barreiro was appointed President and CEO of Daimler Trucks México, owner of the Freightliner brand, which is the most important in the Mexican heavy-vehicle market. Freightliner accounted for 57 percent of total heavy-vehicle production in Mexico in 2020 with 185,767 units produced. Moreover, it accounted for 63 percent of all heavy-vehicle exports in 2020. When it comes to sales, the company also ranked first with a 29 percent market share in 2020.

Toyota México Expects 20 Percent of Its Sales to Be Hybrid or Electric

“We understand that the world is a diversified territory and some countries will be able to adopt new electric vehicle technologies faster and more easily than others. However, Toyota plans for 20 percent of the company sales in 2021 to come from electrified and hybrid vehicles,” said Tom Sullivan, President of Toyota Motor Sales de México.

Heavy-Vehicle Sector Calls for NOM-044 Revision

Leaders from ANPACT and AMDA, representing Mexican truck and passenger vehicle producers and distributors, called on Mexican authorities to review NOM-044. As it is now, the norm will make Euro VI / EPA 10 models the sole units to be exported and produced in the country.

Intel Tackles Semiconductor Shortage

A private company has taken the initiative to start producing chips for automakers. Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, stated that the company is discussing semiconductor production within Intel’s network to have the product ready in the next six to nine months.

Plastic Shortages Affect Mexican Automotive Industry

Plastic resins are facing a shortage problem due to many reasons, from plants being shut down to a global shortage of shipping containers derived from the COVID-19 pandemic. The root of the problem comes from the mass blackouts that occurred in Texas, derived from the low temperatures the state suffered earlier in the year.

ANALYSIS - Kavak: Story of a US$4 Billion Company

Kavak is consolidating its leadership in Latin America while accelerating disruption in the used vehicle market in the region less than five years after its foundation. This week, the company almost quadrupled its previous valuation of US$1.15 billion to reach the US$4 billion mark after adding more than US$485 million through a Series D round.

Waze Helps Cities to Identify Rising Mobility Trends

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Waze has made mobility information available to the general public. “We are making our Waze COVID-19 Impact Dashboard externally available so governments, academics and the interested public can gain more insight into local driving trends as part of their overall COVID-19 response and recovery efforts,” reads Waze’s website.

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