Decarbonizing the Automotive Supply Chain

By Mónica López | Mon, 04/05/2021 - 11:13

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Most major automakers have announced detailed plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For this to be possible, not only does the private sector need to invest in new technologies, it also needs incentives and public policies focused on supporting this transformation, agreed panelists at Mexico Automotive Summit on Wednesday, Mar. 24. During the panel, moderated by Hans Kohlsdorf, Founding Partner at E2M, industry leaders discussed the actions companies are taking towards decarbonization and what they need to do to meet their targets. Sussane Lehmann, Senior Director of Production at Volkswagen North America, said achieving sustainability goals is a priority for the company. A challenge, however, is to support the entire supply chain so it meets those same goals. Likewise, Diego Blumenkron, Sales Director at Northland Power Energía, and Manuel Guevara, General Manager at Brose, said incentives are not yet attractive enough to make the necessary changes toward clean energy use.

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