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Decisions in the USMCA Era

By Alejandro Enríquez | Thu, 07/09/2020 - 17:08

BRP announced an investment for US$136 million in Ciudad Juarez, while Japanese suppliers are in fact choosing to raise wages for Mexican workers. Meanwhile, DiDi continues to support users with a more cost-friendly portfolio of services. AMDA also presented its monthly report on domestic sales. As for technology, fuel-cell vehicles are now a reality. Ready to hit the road? Here is the week in Automotive.

BRP: First Investor of the USMCA Era

Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) announced the construction of a vehicle plant in Ciudad Juarez with a US$136.38 million investment that will create 1,000 permanent jobs and will expand the capacity of the country and the region.

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Japanese Suppliers Choose to Raise Wages

Piolax and Keihin are two Japanese suppliers with facilities in Monterrey and San Luis Potosi that have considered that raising wages to US$16 per hour will be cheaper than actually relocating operations. 

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Featured Interviews

In this week's Expert Opinion, Miguel Elizalde wrote about challenges facing freight and passenger transport. In a sneak peak of Mexico Automotive Review 2019/2020, we present the interview with Minister of Economy and Labor of Nuevo Leon, Roberto Russildi. Also, do not miss our interview with 264-year-old British company Coats and its strategies to navigate troubled waters. 

AMDA's Monthly Report

AMDA presented its monthly report on the status of Mexico's domestic vehicle market. Nissan continues in first place with 20.2 percent of the market, followed by GM with 16.5 percent, Volkswagen with 10.4 percent, Toyota with 8.5 percent, Kia with 7.3 percent, FCA with 5.2 percent and Honda with 5 percent. 

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Heavy-Duty Fuell-Cell Vehicles 

Hydrogen-fueled vehicles are a reality and Hyundai already shipped its first units of its XCIENT model to Switzerland. In addition, NIKOLA, whose heavy-duty vehicles are powered by this technology, surpassed Ford and FCA's market capitalization without even producing a single vehicle, yet. 

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DiDi Continues to Support Consumers

The Chinese giant announced its new mobility portfolio to support users in Mexico amid the ongoing pandemic and adverse economic conditions. DiDi Economy includes rides that start at MX$20 (US$0.89), while DiDi Protect includes stronger safety measures. DiDi Food Basics, part of the company's food delivery service, will offer meals that go from MX$50 (US$2.23) to MX$99(US$4.49).

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US Big Three Sales Still in Free Fall

Ford, GM and FCA reported quarterly sales with decreases of over 30 percent as a direct consequence of the ongoing pandemic in the US. Ford sales dropped around 33 percent, General Motors by 34 percent and FCA group by 39 percent. 

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