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Managing Director of MCON Mexico
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Deconstructing Misconceptions Through Data Observation

Sat, 09/01/2018 - 09:43

Q: How can companies benefit from MCON’s data management solutions?
A: MCON is an independent solutions provider that helps companies with their digital transformation process through business intelligence, customer relationship management (CRM) and business integration with retail operations. In a nutshell, MCON focuses on data-driven solutions that increase the value of our clients’ sales and aftersales business.  Although we have a strong relationship with both OEMs and distribution groups in Germany, in Mexico our initial focus is on the OEMs. Even though dealerships are directly in contact with the customer, all the data generated by the distributor is sent to the OEMs, which make marketing and sales decisions based on that information. Furthermore, the data analysis tools used in the process are normally chosen by the OEM, not by the dealership. Three years ago, we had the opportunity to establish a business relationship with a Mexico-based OEM and we have used that project as a stepping stone to build our presence in the region.
Q: What are companies’ main deficiencies in data management operations?
A: Mexico faces many of the same problems as other global locations. Companies tend to not see their customers from a holistic perspective, managing their data in individual packages or silos without consolidating that information into a single customer profile. When customers walk into a dealership to buy a car, they will probably also apply for a loan or they might also be corporate clients interested in a fleet offering. Instead of managing the client’s information as a single unit, both the dealership and the financial services area, for example, have different entry points for information. This creates redundancies and makes it more challenging for companies to follow up on the clients’ demands efficiently via the various channels that are in place.
Q: How can companies work to develop a holistic approach in their customer management practices?
A: Adopting a holistic approach starts with the OEM. These companies must consolidate their different client management systems to get real insights into the data they are generating. Once they succeed, they often realize that the hypotheses they were operating under were actually wrong. Marketing campaigns are a clear example of how companies tend to function based on misconceptions. In the end, the goal is for companies to stop doing what they think is right and focus on what the data says they should be doing. Through data, OEMs and dealerships can know when a car was bought, when it needs maintenance and when the client will finalize its loan. Enriched with this and more information, companies can predict a lot in terms of turnover times and market trends thus targeting the customer more efficiently and effectively.
Q: What are your goals in the Mexican market considering your recent establishment in the country?
A: We started servicing the Mexican market in 2013 but we only established formal operations in the second half of 2017. We are still a newcomer to the country so we want to consolidate our presence and be seen by all the OEMs and dealership groups in the country. Many executives from OEMs in Mexico already know how customer relationship processes can be improved based on their experience in other more digitally advanced markets. We have over 20 years of experience working with CRM and data-driven solutions for the automotive industry and we want potential clients to understand what they can achieve through data management thanks to MCON.
Q: How much competition has MCON found in Mexico?
A: In terms of holistic, data-driven solutions tailored to the automotive sector we have not found much competition. There are companies that specialize in specific solutions or that may have a strong focus on parts of the sales or aftersales process, but very few companies can offer an integral, holistic approach. Furthermore, we have vast knowledge about the internal processes at the OEMs and the architecture of their IT systems, which puts us farther ahead of any consulting competitor in the market.